7 Highly Effective Learning Management Modules For Universities

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is part of ERP system for education institutes. It comes with features that are specific to education institute like universities. And, they have been designed to support universities in their teaching and learning processes.

The best university management software like Clobas comes with efficient features like LMS. It comes with many learning management modules that helps universities to create and manage courses, track student activities and performance, and provide feedback. It also helps universities to manage the learning process, provide access to digital resources, and provide online collaboration opportunities.

Find out how ERP system like Clobas can help universities with various Learning Management Modules.

One of the important features of an ERP system is the Learning Management System. As the name suggest, it is for the students. But even HOD’s, Faculty members benefit a lot and their life is made easy due to the automation process of Lesson Plan tracking and Course Management. It comes with features or functionalities that make learning easier. Not to mention, make learning more effective.

LMS combines technology and learning together for better results. In many ways, it can help universities stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the education industry.

Learning Management Modules

The best university management software also offers LMS. A learning management system comes with modules or features for students. The primary purpose of the modules is to make it easier for student to access information, and resources. And, they can do it via an electronic device.

For instance, Clobas is a cloud-based ERP system and it can be accessed by web portal or its mobile app. It is accessible for Multi OS, multi devices like Laptop, I Pad, desktop PC etc. Mobiles apps are very popular with students as it offers ease and convenience. Moreover, students like to use internet for all kinds of things, from assignment to studying and research.

Here are some of the best features of a university learning management system:

1. Study Materials

Clobas learning management system offers modules like Lecture Notes. Students can easily access notes and other study materials from the platform. They can download the notes from the web platform or mobile app. This feature also allows instructors to easily upload course materials, such as lectures, assignments, and readings.

2. Video Courses

Video courses and webinars are a very popular way to access study resources for the students. Students can continue their learning from the comfort of their home. Additionally, webinars are an effective way to ensure students have an easy access to lectures, live sessions with faculty and discussions. This is made available 24×7 x 365 days. Even Live Virtual Classes are made possible by tightly integrating with Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet etc, so that, student of the particular virtual class can click on the link from Clobas app and attend the class with new pop-up screen.

3. Discussion Forum

Discussion forum is also a part of the LMS. It is a place where students can introduce and discuss a topic on a subject or course. This way, they can get help from the respective faculty as well as take part in active discussion with other students. Communication and collaboration via discussion boards is an effective student learning system. All doubts/queries of students get answered online by the Tutor.

4. Online Test

Online tests offer an easy and efficient way to conduct tests and exams. During the lockdown, this feature had helped schools, colleges and universities to continue with the learning process and stick on to schedules. Online tests can now be conducted easily and with greater flexibility. In addition, it can save a lot of time for both students and faculty since the system generates the results instantly and saves a lot of productive time for the faculty. It also enables teachers to grade and track student performance quickly and accurately.

5. E-Assignments

Students don’t need to physically send in their assignments. With the help of an ERP system like Clobas, university students can easily send their assignments. At the same time, they can also access the assignment details. Lecturers can set the assignment online for the students to access. This way, students can avoid missing the deadline.

6. Q and A

Q and A is one of the most important part of an education system. What it does is answer the questions of the students by the respective tutors, or other students if posted in such groups, instantly. This part of the communication system that ensures that students and teachers stay connected. Students can also have access to help via Q&A. This is an excellent feature that every university needs. Past years question papers can also be shared on this digital platform for reference of tutors and students, anytime.

7. Knowledge Links

Knowledge Link is an important feature of any university. The Institute can list out any constructive website’s names here for knowledge enrichment of their Students, Staff and Students. E.g., MIT video courses site, National Digital Library of India site, Virtual Labs Corner sites etc., can help universities improve various aspects of management including student learning management system.

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Benefits of LMS for universities

The implementation of an LMS can be a complex process and requires careful planning and management. Universities must consider their organizational goals, student needs, and the technical requirements of the system before making a decision. An LMS allows universities to create a unified learning environment that is easily accessible to students and faculty.

• It helps universities to increase their efficiency in teaching and learning by providing tools for managing course materials, assessments, and feedback.
• It also helps universities to track student progress and improve the quality of their teaching.

Once implemented, an LMS can greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for students, faculty, and administrators alike.

The Bottom Line

Learning management system is an important part of the best university management software like Clobas. The feature available with LMS makes learning easier, more effective and interactive for students. Which makes learning more fun for them. By choosing the right ERP system, universities can greatly enhance the learning experience of the students.

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