A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best College Management Software in India

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Best College Management Software in India

Change is the only constant, and it is always good, even if it is a result of a worldwide pandemic. We are talking about the rapid digital transformation taking place in various sectors. Education has also not been far in this area as colleges are quickly getting the best college management software in India for managing their wide range of operations.

The college management system can be defined as tailor-made software catering to different types of colleges and universities across the entire spectrum of their activities. It is the best time to digitize your college operations if you haven’t already. But how would you choose an ideal college management system with so many vendors? Let us talk about the various features that good management software has:

  • Student registration, evaluation, admissions

Usually, colleges do admissions on a direct basis or through entrance examinations. Therefore, the software you choose should offer all these features:

Online application form, registration, feeding entrance test results, interview results, and allotment of secure ID to each student

Online fees payment, confirmation of payment, and enrollment. All the above to be able to track closely at various stages online with a summary report to the top management.

  • Attendance

Tracking attendance is quite a chore; however, this becomes an automatic process with the help of advanced solutions like card attendance or biometrics if you have a good college management system in place. Moreover, you can generate reports by using this feature. Above all, capturing and updating online with a single click on the portal or mobile app greatly increases the speed of reach out to students, parents and management instantly. Most essential and critical factor is the ability to capture attendance period wise or hourly basis which is an important inbuilt feature needed to empower the management.

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  • Teachers and timetables

When colleges use a particular module of the campus management system, the complicated tasks of assigning classes to tutors become fully automated and convenient. Additionally, the administrators can set up timetables and schedules and even modify them when a lecturer is unavailable.

  • Innovative and Easy-to-use Dashboard

One of the best features of the software is its amazing out-of-the-box dashboard. It allows the management to access and view all the important parameters of an educational institution, such as fees collection, student statistics, academic standings, attendance, feedback status, and so on. With this feature, the administration can smoothly track and monitor everything for better functioning of the college management. All these brought n a single sheet summary to save time.

  • Video Courses

It is not unheard of that videos have the power of impacting the brain when a person is learning something new. Good software will provide a digital platform to choose from a wide selection of video courses catering to different subjects so that students and tutors can view and grasp their knowledge on any particular topic. The digital platform or the video channel can be made interactive with chat forum or discussion forum giving the students a good opportunity  for a better understanding of a specific chapter they want to learn about. Moreover, this will be made available 24×7 for 365 days to Master the subject.

  • Grievance Redressal

An ideal college management software allows users to register complaints in different categories and track those complaints and status. The college management will then assign these complaints to the relevant staff. After this, the particular staff can address those issues and timely close all the grievances and prepare a comprehensive report date-wise and category-wise to keep a record of maintenance.

  • 24/7 Availability

There are times when your students need to get clarified on certain things and lets say that the campus is closed for the weekend. Especially during the pandemic , the management was facing difficulty in communicating during & after office hours to students. So, in these tough times, what if students require help from faculties in checking the timetable and examination results or even face any doubt in their studies? An ideal software is the best option as it gives access to any document or anything anytime. If needed, it can even connect students with faculties in case the former has any doubts regarding academics.

  • Lesson Plan Tracking

This particular feature is highly helpful for the top management who can use the lesson plan tracking to capture and monitor a particular faculty’s daily and weekly course coverage and get update on chapters which are not completed as per approved lesson plan This will help the management to complete all the portion and ensure timely course delivery and plan for alternate faculty for certain classes or subjects to be assigned to complete the lesson plan and ensure students are taught all chapters well and prepared for their exams.

  • Virtual Classes

This feature is one of the most important aspects of the software that allows the college management to conduct all the online or virtual classes through various modes of video conferencing such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. They tightly integrate into the system to conduct online classes without any hassle for students or teachers.

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  • Campus Placement

This is a critical need for the management to encourage timely placement of their students with good employment opportunities to ensure good career growth which will bring good reputation to the college as also help in branding and bonding with the students and corporate employers and indirectly promote better intake in new admissions in the forthcoming years by facilitating campus placements. In this , ideally, the placement activities of the college student will be captured. The management can get the list of students available for campus interview, their interview status and placement status. Further, college student studying in their third year and final year can upload their resumes online. Authorised recruiting company persons can be able to view and download the student resume from the portal for their recruitment needs and save a lot of time. To accelerate this process, the recruiters can do away in scanning 100s of text resumes. Today, the trend is a quick 1 or 2 minute video resume upload in the college portal  by the students which helps the recruiter to quickly assess and complete the recruitment process much ahead of the schedule and in an effective manner.

You should consider these minimum feature sets while choosing a college management system.


Technology is dominating almost today, and education has also taken a major step up. Especially in a time when pandemics took over the world, college management softwares became the key to efficiently managing all the college’s operations in just a few clicks. Therefore, choosing a good software will give you the edge over your contemporaries as it will single-handedly take care of all the management and operations efficiently.

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