Advantages Of Using An Automated Fee Collection System At University

Best University ERP

Gone are the days when universities had to do administrative tasks manually. One such thing was the process of collecting student academic fees. Now for this, a university app has got the solution. It makes things easier for students and parents because they can pay fees online from their computers, laptops or mobile phones. This saves them from the hassle of going to the university and waiting in long lines.

The Best University ERP helps management by handling payments automatically, which means less paperwork and more time for other essential tasks. The app also sends reminders about upcoming payments so no one forgets.

Let’s have a closer look.

What Is A Fee Management System?

The best university ERP automates collecting fees and creating receipts, reducing errors and saving time. It works for all types of universities, big or small. The software can handle various financial tasks, like tracking fraudulent transactions, setting fees and collecting payments.

You can transfer student and payment details quickly using a cloud-based system. The software can also be integrated with other university management modules to increase productivity and involve parents and students effectively.

Top Features

  • Advanced analytics and reporting for tracking student fee payments.
  • Online collection of alumni contributions.
  • Enhanced security to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • Cloud-enabled technology for secure financial records.
  • Real-time communication with parents and students about payment due dates and financial activities.


  1. Remote data access

The university software allows easy access to information through mobile devices. It improves productivity, saves money, and reduces errors. With corporate banking solutions, universities can avoid processing fees for online transactions, resulting in cost savings.

Universities have even better alternatives to avoid these fees entirely. By utilizing Best University ERP and specialized banking solutions, they can eliminate/or reduce transaction costs. It provides financial relief.

  1. A safe fee payment option

Parents can easily pay fees with a single click using online payment methods. They can track their payments in real-time through secure platforms. The software has significantly benefited educational institutions by saving time, streamlining money management and allowing digital receipt delivery via email or SMS.

The best university app generates reports on student and class-level fee collections, providing efficient account management for finance departments. Moreover, it offers additional advantages such as creating cost structures, cancelling transactions, defining fee slabs, indicating scholarships given and more.

  1. Key functionalities of Best University ERP

Managing and reviewing detailed fee records is made easy. It includes due dates, amounts paid and unpaid. The management can quickly access and track daily fee collections from anywhere, anytime without the hassle of manual work. This ensures accurate and organized fee management for universities. The key functionalities of best university app for fee management include-

  • Simplifies daily fee collection and record-keeping.
  • Generates reports for various types of payments, including tuition, bus fares etc
  • Provides statements for tracking collections, student balances and admissions.
  • Automates calculations and identifies unpaid fees.
  • Enables quick fee collection and issuance of receipts.
  • Offers real-time data synchronization and alerts to parents.
  • Manages student payment information and provides summary.
  • Allows administrators to update fee information and export reports in different file formats.
  • Empowers the management to send automated reminders through SMS, Email alerts for fee defaulters and helps in timely collection and recovery of dues quickly and effortlessly.
  1. Finance Summary Report

The software simplifies the financial management of universities by generating reports on program and course costs, including additional fees. The Best University ERP also helps students and parents track their payments and eliminates the need for manual record-keeping. With reports and advanced filtering options, administrators gain a better understanding of financial management within the organization.

  1. Fee concession/scholarship

The university ERP enables the creation of charge structures and reports for students, including scholarships and fee discounts. Clobas offers a user-friendly application for universities, allowing parents to monitor their children’s activities.

The best university app automates reminders and announcements, simplifying the fee collection process. It streamlines communication between the university and parents. Moreover, the software provides real-time payment info offering convenience to parents.

The Bottom Line

Clobas provides advanced fee collection features for universities. It automates transactions, accounting and workflow management. The app also includes a payment gateway for secure and dynamic payment functions at the university.

The Best University ERP is flexible and can be integrated with other modules to enhance overall university management.

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