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Cloud-Based Best College ERP With The Integration of World-Class Technology

CLOBAS brings you the best college ERP solution that allows institutes to conduct online admissions, generate reports, create ID cards, enable online communication, manage curriculum, time tables, conduct online evaluations, track student progress, conduct data analysis, teach remotely, and handle inquiries and leads for admissions.
At CLOBAS, our college management system offers end-to-end solutions to better institutional outcomes and operational efficiency. With more than 32+ modules, the best college ERP allows the administration to streamline all crucial activities with an analytics dashboard, biometrics, and BI tools. It produces precise information on college scholarships, admission, compliance management, etc.

Prominent Features of Our College ERP

Among a vast array of features associated with our best college ERP, here’s a list of prominent features that makes us an ideal choice for your institution.


  1. Onboarding
    It simplifies and tracks the college admissions or student onboarding process (inquiry/lead management, follow-up, enrollment, document verification, donation & fees collecting, and so on).
  2. Classroom and curriculum
    Cloud-based advanced solution for college academic curriculum scripting, standardization, and classroom resource management for a given course or program.
  3. Conducting exams and grading
    The best college ERPs are designed to go green while passing on essential information about events such as examinations and grading through the ERP portal. The paperless approach not only makes it easy to access information from the comfort of the home but also contributes to an eco-friendly environment.
  4. Finances
    Advanced finance & bookkeeping technology for the accounts department assists in collecting student fees (online/offline), automating employee salaries and benefits, and managing all institute expenses. It creates error-free accounting ledgers that aid CAs in audit reports and corporate executives in analyses.
  5. Communication
    Crucial announcements regarding fees, assignments, homework deadlines, events, etc., can be easily conveyed through our best college ERP. Given the fact that it can be accessed from any device anywhere, you can make sure there are no obstacles to passing information.
Best college erp
Our best college ERP was applauded many times for the efficiency with which institutions have carried out examinations online during the pandemic. “The cloud-based technology is commendable” are the words coming straight from our users. What more could you possibly ask for?

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