Top 10 Services of the Best Online School Management Software in India – CLOBAS

Top 10 Services of the Best Online School Management Software in India – CLOBAS

Best School Management Software in India: Clobas is the Next Generation innovative Software product Development Company, Founded by a team of extraordinary, passionate, and dedicated technocrats and domain experts. Clobas is specialized to provide cloud and mobile solutions with the ability to meet the dynamic needs of educational institutions in the 21st century and beyond.

Top 10 Best Online School Management Software Services provide by them-

1. Student Profile Management
Student’s particulars (collected during admission) can be entered or uploaded here. Profile of each student such as personal info, demographic info, results, attendance, and fee details can be put in one single window for top management to view, track and maintain the record virtually.

2. Fee Management
This module enables institutions to set-up various fee structures and associated due dates. Fee collection and Receipt printing, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly collection reports are incorporated here.

3. Transportation Management
This module can be used to maintain bus details, bus stops, Student occupancy in each route, driver details, service date for buses, and many more.

4. Parent Feedback Module
Using this module, Parents/Staff would be able to provide feedback/suggestions to the institutions on various categories such as General, Transport, Hostel, etc.

5. E – Circulars
All kinds of communications like circulars reminders, results, and attendance details can be sent to target users via e-mail and SMS.

6. Student Attendance Tracking and Posting
Using this module, Tutors/admin can post daily attendance. Hence, Parents can view the attendance online. If a student does not maintain his/her required attendance, Parents will get an email/SMS notification, which is configurable.

7. Staff Attendance Tracking
Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance reports of the staff are incorporated here.

8. Online Results Publications
This module allows users to configure necessary parameters for all examinations with aggregate formula, grades, CGPA, marks, etc.

9. Staff Profile Management
Through this module, Institute can maintain staff records and retrieve them as and when is required.

10. Past Year Question Papers
This module will have past five years’ question papers from respective board exams. So, tutors and students can refer to these questions from anywhere, anytime.

CLOBAS has the vision to be the most trusted Technology provider for Educational Institutions and Ministries across the globe to create Smart Schools, Colleges, and Universities. So you should go and visit their website now for the best services.

E-governance software for Universities

Under the initiative of Digital India campaign, the government wants to transform the way everything is managed. In this regard, e-governance has played an important role. It offers an efficient way to provide government services and support via technology. This is also known as paperless administration. Now, people can access everything online, from the comfort of their homes. 

E-governance management system is application to a wide range of things including universities. The best e-governance software for Universities can help them in so many ways. 

  1. Importance of E-governance 

E-governance is important for so many reasons. Firstly, it eliminates hurdles like traveling, staff availability, and corruption in many ways. People can easily access information online from home using their devices like mobile. This way, they don’t have to rely on officials for everything. Also, people can save a lot of time too. 

E-governance software for universities can help all the involved parties to stay in the loop. Everyone is connected via one platform. Everyone can access information anytime and from anywhere. They don’t have to rely on an office space or a staff for it. This will help increase efficiency and ensure smooth functioning of an organization like a university. 

  1. For University Management 

The best -governance software for Universities can help the organization stay efficient and organized. The management team can handle various tasks easily. For instance, they can access student and staff information easily. Additionally, they can track, update and make changes without any hassles. 

Some of the tasks that can be managed via a management software are:

  • Approving and tracking staff leave 
  • Upate and maintain infrastructure of education institutes like universities 
  • Create and manage academic year calendar
  • Create, update and manage time-table 
  • Plan lessons and track progress 
  •  Module to Nomination of best teachers

These are some of the ways a management software can help universities. 

  • For Students 

The best e-governance software for Universities help students stay efficient and organized throughout their academic year. The platform helps them easily access information on their coursework, attendance, online classes, exam schedule, programs, and more. They can also access study materials and online resources too. 

E-governance software helps university keep all aspects of management under control. Student management is just one part of the system. Universities also have to manage colleges under them. This means, more student information. Having an efficient management system can help universities stay efficient and organized all the time. 

COVID19 situation was worse for students. Exams were cancelled, classes stopped and the university shut down for a long time. Thankfully, technology helped students to continue their education from the comfort of their homes. This was possible with an efficient software platform. 

  • For Teachers 

The best e-governance software for Universities offers teacher community space. Here, the teaching staff can access information and communicate with the authorities easily. For instance, they can get online training by experts on newer teaching methods. This is important for everyone. Technology is changing, and methods are changing too. Teachers needs to keep up with the latest happenings. 

Teachers can also use the platform to apply for leave, and view their pay slip. They can also register their grievances and track the status. Effective communication is the key to efficient governance. University management software makes its possible. With a mobile app, things get even more efficient.  

  • For Parents 

An e-governance software for various education institutes is also designed for parents. Parents can use this platform to access the latest initiatives updates from Government. Using the app, or web platform, they can access important information quickly. They can manage all types of tasks from the platform, such as grievances entry and redressal facility, PTA meeting update, participating in Opinion survey, accessing student progress report, communicating and more. 

The best e-governance software for Universities are designed to keep everybody in loop. From different departments to students to teachers, one platform can help keep everyone connected. 

Finding the Right Digitization Partner 

Digitization is the need of the hour and every field needs it including the government and education institutes. Going digital can help organizations become more competent. Finding the right solution or platform is important to see the desired results. With the right team, organization, institutes and the government can meet the requirements more efficiently. Not to mention, meeting it within a prescribed budget. Understanding the benefits can help make an informed decision. 

CLOBAS E-Governance Software for Universities

CLOBAS is a cloud-based platform that offers easy and efficient way to manage things digitally. The software is for school, colleges, universities, governing bodies, education authorities, corporate, NGOs, and more. It comes with more than 60 modules to support specific requirements. It can be customized to meet the requirements. It offers a wide range of benefits and has been developed to help organization with their digital transformation needs. 


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