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Best School ERP To Bring All Important Activities Under One Roof

CLOBAS offers the best school ERP that’s decked with multiple features to streamline an institute’s day-to-day activities. It includes teaching, student attendance, fee management, administrative tasks, curriculum management, assigning homework, updating syllabus, student information, etc.

CLOBAS extends a centralized dashboard that can be accessed by stakeholders, students, parents, administrators, and teachers alike. It’s one of the best school ERP portals providing real-time information such as student attendance records, progress, and upcoming events so that teachers & parents can remain updated. It establishes an effective flow of communication between the parents and the institution.

An Advanced Best School ERP To Improve Connectivity

Using the best school ERP introduced by CLOBAS can help educational institutions in more ways than one in upgrading their administration process. The feature-rich software is developed with the aim of keeping everyone updated and engaged.

Here are some rich features sourced from the use of this ERP

  1. Multi-branch management
    All branches, from academic management to fee management, GPS tracker, video tutorials, to attendance management, can be accessed from a single account.
  2. Powerful communication
    CLOBAS has developed the best school ERP that’s jam-packed with dynamic features to ensure strong & effective communication.
  3. Academics management
    Real-time activities and updates for managing academics at the fingertips.
  4. Transport management
    Yet another interesting feature is transport management, which records bus details, driver details, bus stops, route-specific student occupancy, and much more. The best school ERP is integrated to send SMS in case of an emergency.
  5. All Role Access
    Students, management, parents, teachers, and stakeholders can all access the app and use it effectively to their own advantage.
Best School ERP

Why Is CLOBAS Your Ideal Solution?

CLOBAS has successfully created the perfect amalgamation of technology and hardware to deliver a world-class experience to users.
Given the fact that the world is currently using technology as fuel to run, CLOBAS is the best school ERP and one-stop solution for effective management. Below are some benefits associated with the use of this software:
  • Zero upfront investment required
  • Operates on the motive of a go-green and paperless approach
  • Cloud storage offers greater reliability
  • Access 60+ modules under one application
  • Access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • So, why wait? Get your school equipped with the best school ERP to adapt to the technologically-inclined environment.

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