College Management Mobile App Offers all The Features at Finger Tips

College Management Mobile App Offers all The Features at Finger Tips

Mobiles apps are now widely used by people for all kinds of things, such as shopping and booking tickets. Likewise, it is also used by colleges to provide students an easy access to information. The best mobile app for colleges provides access to all the important things.

Colleges can make life easier for students by choosing the best college mobile app. In many ways, an app can help students stay organized and remain on top of things. From assignments, to tests to attendance, they can easily access all the important information on their fingertips.

Technology exists to simplify things and make things more convenient. Colleges can leverage this to create a highly productive environment for everyone.

Top Features of The Best College Mobile App

To understand how the best mobile app for colleges work, you can have a look at the features. These are the features that make things easier for students. And, when students are efficient, the management can handle things in a more efficient way. Which is why, it is important to pay attention to the app features when looking for the best college mobile app.

Here are some of the best features you will get with CLOBAS mobile app for colleges:

1. Latest news

Students can access latest news pertaining to what is happening in the college. From events to holidays to seminars, they can get the latest news on their app. An app is an easy way to access information. And, students can easily access information, no matter where they are. This is one of the things that make mobile app so great. Students can benefit from this feature.

2. Time-table

Students and time-table go hand in hand. Whether they are at school, college or universities, students need time-table. The colleges management can upload the time-table on an hourly or subject wise basis as required and make dynamic changes too depending upon the availability of faculty from time to time. This way, students &n faculty members too can easily access information about their classes for each day and prepare. They can also check last minute changes in the time-table via the app which is so handy.

3. Feedbacks

Feedback feature in the mobile app allows students/parents to post feedback regarding the app, features, and other things. It can help management improve the app and the whole student management system. The feedback feature allows easy access to sending feedback and suggestions. Additionally, it can help students to effectively communicate with the management. This saves time and cost too.

4. Attendance

For students, attendance is very important. Failing to meet the required attendance, students can suffer more ways than one. For instance, they might not be allowed to take exams. Which is why, keeping track of the attendance is very important. The attendance feature on the mobile app allows students to check their status. They can attend the classes and ensure that they have the required attendance. The attendance can also be captured for the faculty members on a day to day basis helping management to take stocks of situation on a daily basis to assign or substitute faculty whenever needed.

5. Results

Students can easily check their results on the app. Each student has a profile and it is easily accessible through the app. They can easily check the results online. Not just that, parents can do it too. At the same time, management and teachers can use this feature to upload results, so that students can check the results whenever its released. They don’t have to visit college physically to get them.

6. E-circulars

E-circulars can help students stay-up-to date wit the latest rule and regulations. Changes in policies and rules are important part of college management. The management can easily update or upload the circulars and help student access the information without any hassle. It will also help them stay efficient, organized and up-to-date with things.

7. Events &Calendar

The best mobile app for colleges also comes with events and calendar feature. It is self-explanatory. All the events throughout the year can be uploaded for students to check on their mobile devices. Again, it will help the students stay informed and be prepared. Management can easily upload and update event information via the app too.

8. Virtual Classroom & Webinars

The app also provides an easy access to virtual classroom where students can attend online classes from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, they can also watch webinars from the app. Both these features were very helpful during the lockdown due to COVID19. This feature is designed to help students access learning resources from anywhere and have uninterrupted course coverage and stay as per schedule planned by the authorities.

9. Online Test

Just like online classes, students can also take online tests via the mobile app. It allows students to easily access this option with a click. During the lockdown, this feature was helpful too. It helped students to keep up with their studies and tests.

1o. Notes & Question Bank

The CLOBAS mobile app for colleges also provides notes and question bank. Students can find important notes without any hassle. And, the question bank can help them prepare well for their tests and exams and even master the subjects as these are made available 24x 7 for 365 days.!

The Bottom Line

Best College mobile app can help students in so many ways. But it can also make it easier for the management and teachers to manage students too. Using a software tool with features can help colleges become more organized and efficient in so many ways.

CLOBAS is a college management software, also available as mobile app. It comes with many amazing features that can help students, teacher and management in many ways. It can help increase efficiency, productivity and reduce cost too.

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