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    "We are happy to share with you that CLOBAS Mobile App has made a great impact on our teachers and parents. Further, this App has bridged the gap between the parents and the institution. We have received nice and encouraging response ."
    Mr. Rajesh Acharya
    "Installing Clobas has helped to connect quickly and easily with parents, teachers, students etc. Their online payment gateway has enhanced the speed in fee collection and process time.paper work has reduced improving the operational efficiency."
    Mrs Sujatha Vishwanathan
    Managing Trustee,Chennai
    "Our ABS Vidhya Mandhir school has enabled the Clobas Parent app for all interactions with the parents and vice versa. We are happy to notice that parents have embraced this app and are using it extensively to get all information about their wards."
    Mr. Ajay Giri

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    Student Profile Management Student’s particulars (collected during admission) can be entered or uploaded here. Profile of each student such as personal info, demographic info, results, attendance and fee details can be put in one single window for top management to view.

    Using this module, Parent/Staff would be able to provide feedback/suggestions to the institutions on various categories such as General, Transport, Hostel etc. These feedback will be monitored and responded by the respective personal from.

    This module allows user to configure necessary parameters for all examinations with aggregate formula, grades, CGPA, marks etc. result

    This module will have required reports for Results, Attendance, Asset, Fee, Transport etc. manage

    University Information Management System

    Key Features

    For University Admin

    • Generation of Time Tables
    • Creation of Lesson Plan
    • Feedback Management
    • Online Library & Resource Management System
    • Communication Management System
    • Admission Management
    • Fee Management
    • Staff and Student Profile Management
    • Content Management
    • Reporting Module
    • Teacher Performance Reports
    • Result Analysis Reports
    • Attendance Analysis Reports
    • Administrative Reports (Miscellaneous)
    • Asset Management
    • Academic Management

    For HQ/Centre/Zone

    • Online Campus Directory
    • E-Blogs
    • Maintaining own profile online
    • Instant communications via web, eMail and SMS.
    • Results Publications
    • Attendance Postings
    • Lecture Notes Uploadingv
    • Various Analysis Reports
    • Posting Assignments
    • Participating in Q & A and Surveys
    • Virtual Folder for document storage and reference
    • Posting feedback about the student
    • Registering student co-curricular activities
    • Online Library & Resource Booking
    • E-Forms

    For Students

    • View communications from University Authorities
    • Check Fee, Attendance & Results details
    • View and Download Learning Materials
    • Virtual Folder & Downloads
    • E-resource, E-Classifieds and E-blogs
    • Q&A, My Time Table, Campus Survey
    • Webinar, Campus Tube and Photo Gallery
    • 24/7 Redressal System

    E-Governance & Beyond : Objectives

    • Setting up the great platform for the next generation, Digital India. Yes, Transparent India.
    • A step towards paperless administration, say Good bye to papers, Let’s Go Green. Save Earth.
    • Connecting all stakeholders of education in the state from anywhere anytime. Inclusive Governance.
    • Entire Dash board of state education Dept. can be viewed with a click of a button.

    High Level Benefits

    • Instant Communication with all its stakeholders
    • Knowledge Enrichment for Tutors and Students
    • Monitoring the performance, profile and infrastructure of each institute
    • Setting up the new standards and maintain it uniformly
    • Fostering Transparency among institutions/Department
    • Powerful Report Generator and Search Engine
    • Huge cost savings due to paper less activities (Go Green Initiative)
    • Productivity improvement due to convenient access to the portal
    • Easily Administered and Controlled from Head Office
    • 24/7 availability

    For Corporates

    • Corporate companies can check the performance of the students remotely; this facility paves the way for productivity, convenient, time saving as well as cost saving.
    • Student’s performance can be evaluated based on their consistent results, attendance and extra-curricular activities.
    • Companies can also conduct online psychometric test through this portal, if required.
    • Campus interview can be conducted after all these selection processes are over.
    • Hiring companies, Government enterprises and NGO’s can post their vacancies or internship programs for some or all institutions.

    For Department Authorities

    • With click of a button, multimedia message can be sent to all stakeholders across the state.
    • Tracking and monitoring of various welfare schemes and its implementation status.
    • Online Grievance Redressal Facility and their statistics.
    • Conduct Teacher Training from time to time.
    • Staff Counselling and Transfers can be done online

    For District Level Officers

    • Periodical Inspection data entry and review.
    • Best/Worst performing school.
    • Tracking of lesson plan and its execution.
    • Managing logistics such as uniform, text books distribution etc.
    • Tracking of Co-curricular & Extra-curricular performance by school.

    For Principals or HMS

    • Staff Leave Approval and Tracking.
    • School Infrastructure Update & Maintenance.
    • School events calendar and outcome updates.
    • Lesson Plan Execution updates & review.
    • Minutes of the PTA meeting –Recording.
    • Module to Nomination of best teachers.

    For Teacher Community

    • Latest initiatives updates from Government
    • Grievances entry and redressal facility
    • Participating in Opinion survey
    • PTA meeting updates
    • Student Progress Report

    For Student Community

    • Smart Card linked with AdhaarCard
    • Online Video Course by Expert Teachers
    • Online Assessment Practise (Test)
    • Exam Results (Progress Reports)
    • Tab with e-Books

    For Parent Community

    • Online Training by Experts on Teaching Methods.
    • HR portal from Applying Leave to Viewing Payslip is possible now.
    • Participating in Opinion survey.
    • Grievances entry and status tracking.