How Can Automation Help In Improving Your University Performance

Best ERP for Universities

India has witnessed automation at its peak in recent years. Be it any sector; right from education to medicine to research, automation has changed the landscape entirely. Coming to academics, today, it is easier for universities and colleges to operate online, free from the challenges they had to face in a traditional phase. Many top universities have taken steps to automate their academic operations to make the most out of advantages. The effective solution is the Best ERP for Universities. If you haven’t already implemented one at your institute, here are reasons why you should-

Why Choose a University App? Top 8 Reasons

  1. Expand Your Reach

There is no doubt that technology will continue to stay. With increased higher education demand and the growing number of students, automation allows universities to expand their reach.

Automation can help optimize the below process-

  • Capturing leads from website and social media
  • Sending personalized messages to all your clients and sequencing emails
  • Email response to let parents/students know you have received their email
  • Scheduling calls/meeting

Best ERP for Universities reduces communication time and further speeds up other processes—for example, effective query management or smooth onboarding.

  1. Saves Time

Gone are the days when faculty members had to spend much time on administrative tasks. It included enrollment inquiries, creating and sending receipts, updating the database, etc. With automation features, the management can eliminate repetitive tasks and cut down on workforce costs while achieving higher productivity.

  1. Improves Teacher Efficiency

With the effective use of university apps, teachers can now grade their students with online exam patterns. It also allows revision tests, providing study materials, smooth teacher-student interaction, and much more. Another advantage is scheduling class timings for different batches. Students can get notifications about timetables, projects, etc. All of it results in an overall efficiency of teachers.

  1. Quick Glance At Important Updates

Universities must constantly provide information to students, teachers, and other departments. It makes the need to have the information at fingertips even more vital, especially during admissions and examinations. As university software can track and analyze the received and sent data quickly, getting updates regarding significant events is less time-consuming.

  1. Reduced Human Error

Human errors in data can significantly impact other processes down the line. For example, they are recording 100 in place of 1000 somewhere. It can give a completely different outcome. These mistakes can happen due to overworking, negligence, or fatigue. But with university software these errors can be reduced, ensuring more accuracy and reliability.

  1. Faster Resolution

Another advantage of automating administrative tasks is that universities can quickly respond to critical queries. The data on emails, social media, online forms, and university portals can be sorted and analyzed. Further, universities can learn about complaints and service interruptions and work on the solution. For the first stage, the universities can use automated responses.

  1. Data-Driven Insights

It is quite common for universities to receive massive amounts of data every year. Sometimes, few of them are unused which is of importance. With Best ERP for Universities, the management can use analytic tools best, saving the records from getting dust.

  1. Accountability & Transparency

With automation, there comes more clarity in the management process. The university software has some guidelines through which the tasks operate. Every job can be checked easily for any compliance or audit reports. This way, the authorities can see precisely what goes wrong and when it occurs.

Finally, greater university performance comes with improved communication and collaboration. The cloud-based software facilitates remote communication between parents and educators. It also enhances transparency between all stakeholders.

The Bottom Line

Automation is packed with benefits. It saves time, effort, and cost and makes everything task smooth and hassle-free. With Best ERP for Universities, institutions can focus on core business functions, increasing productivity. If you want to implement effective university management software, turn to Clobas! Clobas brings you the right automation tools and features for streamlining university management.

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