How Clobas Simplifies Management for Colleges

Best college management software

If you are looking for the best college management software, you are in the right place. Clobas is a college management software and an ERP system that automates daily tasks. It comes with 60+ modules for different sections of college management. And, you can customize & configure it to suit your specific requirements.

Colleges and all kinds of education institutes need an ERP system as part of their digitization process. Education industry is changing and education institutes are switching to digital management system.

Clobas offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. More importantly, it simplifies management to save time and the cost.

Find out what makes Clobas the best college management software.

What is Clobas College Management Software

Clobas is an ERP software designed for Educational Institutions and Ministries around the world. The aim is to create Smart Schools, Colleges and Universities. Powered by advanced technology, Clobas is a college management software that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents in one platform. In fact, it connects all the departments and everything together.

Clobas cloud portal and app provide an easy and cost-effective way to manage all the tasks efficiently. It has been designed to facilitate digital transformation for education institutes.

Clobas Portal for Colleges

Clobas cloud platform offers easy access from anywhere and anytime. It comes with many amazing features. And, it can be customized as per your management needs. The features have been designed to provide an overall control mechanism to the colleges to effectively track and monitor all the tasks in one place. This also helps the colleges to get accreditation from agencies like NAAC, NBA, etc.

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Here are The Top Five Features of Clobas Platform:

• Student Profile Management

Colleges like any other education institutes need to keep record of all the student information. Student Profile Management offers an easy way to store student information like personal info, attendance, results, fees details, courses and more. It can be easily migrated, and bulk uploaded during configuration and installation reducing implementation time.

College management can view, track and maintain data on one platform. All the information can be viewed on one single window. Additionally, the information/data can be downloaded in PDF form.

• Innovative MIS Dashboard

The dashboard is an important feature that allows the management / user to view information with different parameters. You can view Students Statistics, Feedback Status, Academic Achievements, Fee Collection, Transport updates and much more. It makes management easier and saves time. All enabled in a single click and in a time saving manner to facilitate well informed and accurate decision making.

• Fee Management

Clobas makes fee management easier by providing features like creating different fee structures. Additionally, you can sort information based on parameters like fee collection, receipt printing, Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly collection reports and more. It can also be integrated to third party tools like billdesk, CC avenue online payment gateway providers.

• Online Student’s Feedback Survey

Feedbacks from students are very helpful for colleges. This module helps colleges collect feedbacks or opinion survey from students. Institutions can then use the information to generate report and in their decision-making process.

• Campus Placement

Campus placement is an important activity for colleges. The module makes it easier for colleges to organize all the data in one place. This includes the list of students available for interviews, their interview status and the final results from recruiting corporate employers, facilitating quick employment opportunities.

• Grievance Redressal

Students can register complaint with this module. Each complaint can be registered with different categories so that it can be tracked easily. The college management can simply sort these grievances and assign to the respective department/staff member. At the same time, college management can generate report after closure.

These are top features in Clobas cloud platform. But there are more.

Clobas Mobile App for Colleges

Mobile app for colleges is a very effective way to communicate. Like the cloud platform, the apps also connect everyone together. All stakeholders can stay connected together in one place and access information from anywhere and anytime.

Features include:

• For Management – The management can use the app to keep track of everything in one place. The features offered to the management is different from the ones offered to the students. This can be done in a personalized manner to each stake holder.

• For Teachers – The app offers all the features teachers need to manage their tasks, such as assignment /homework posting, attendance posting, result posting, timetable, feedback, remarks, and more.

• For Students–Students can use the app to access information related to their courses, results, attendance, fee receipt, feedback, day to day information, events and calendar, and much more.

The mobile app feature makes Clobas the best college management software.

Integration with Third Party Tools

The third-party tools are additional features offered by other platforms. This way, colleges can easily integrate other tools to further simplify management. These tools can improve efficiency, performance and reduce downtime.

Check out the Features:

• Account Package – Integrate your account details with your Clobas ERP system. Easy integration means you can easily access information related to your fee collections on a single platform.

• Biometric –It is an effective way to record attendance of everyone, from students to staff. The information can be easily uploaded to the primary ERP system. You can integrate this tool with your Clobas platform without any hassle.

• Online Payment –You can easily integrate online payment gateway with your Clobas platform. A safe & secured online payment facility will provide students with an easy and quick way to pay their fees.

• Website –You can also integrate your college website with the platform to bring everything together in one place.

• SMS & Email – to ensure smooth flawless seamless communication to all stakeholders.

The Bottom Line

Clobas is the best college management software as it offers an easy way to manage all the tasks in one platform. Additionally, information can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Thanks to mobile app features, colleges can easily manage everything and stay connected with everyone without any hassle.

Clobas management software has been designed to help education institutes like colleges to automate tasks, save time and streamline their management tasks. In the long run, colleges will save cost and ensure smooth functioning of the institute.


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