How College ERP Helps In Acquiring NAAC Accreditation?

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Colleges associate a lot of value with NAAC accreditation. However, that’s something still unknown to many universities till today. A university that’s eligible for NAAC compliance shows greater credibility, reputation, and best-quality education. Currently, universities are integrating the best university ERP to attain NAAC accreditation.

You must wonder, how does that work out? By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have the answers to all your questions. So, stick out with us till the end.

Defining NAAC Accreditation 

Standing for National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC is the organization that provides certification after assessment of the education quality rendered by colleges and universities across India. The UGC has made it compulsory for all universities and its faculties to become NAAC-certified.

NAAC accreditation strives to ensure that only best-quality education is provided to students for overall development. So, institutions having NAAC accreditation are perceived to provide the best education and ensure new skill acquisition of students. Nowadays, integrating the best university ERP lays that ladder for you to climb up and get NAAC-certified.

Below are the ways in which accreditation benefits an higher educational institution:

  • Makes institutions capable of evaluating processes and identifying threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Strengthens the reputation and image of the institution.
  • Provides credibility of the institutions highest quality of education
  • Provides insight into finance and funding opportunities

What Do Statistics Say?

According to a report published by the UGC, statistics reveal that around 43,796 colleges and 1,113 universities exist in India. Among them, only 418 universities & 9,062 colleges have received NAAC accreditation.

Till today, 34,000 colleges and at least 695 universities are operating without NAAC compliance. To help universities and colleges, NAAC has drastically reduced its cost for assessing and certification. As per the NEP, all educational institutions shall get accredited within the next 15 years.

For that, the institutions must ensure the highest standard of education. Furthermore, if they incorporate the use of the best university ERP for equipping the institutions with advanced solutions. All of it helps them smooths the process of getting accreditation.

How Does ERP Help In Fulfilling Accreditation Eligibility Criteria? 

The latest New Policy Policy laid out in 2020 states that grade and accreditation of higher education institutions will be based on factors such as quality or originality of teaching methods.

  1. Curriculum

NAAC takes several factors for consideration and the curriculum of higher education institutions is the primary factor. NAAC evaluates the institution’s contribution in skills development of students. When the college or university has incorporated the ERP, it helps institutions draft a relevant, well-organized and latest curriculum for the students with ease.

  1. Infrastructure and resources

Gone are the days when teachers passed handouts to individuals in classes. Thanks to the best university ERP, now students are provided with superior learning methodologies. And that’s what NAAC looks for- learning materials, laboratories, educational tools, and other essential infrastructure.

  1. Teaching, learning, and assessment

It’s a major criteria laid out by the NAAC. It focuses on assessing a teacher’s teaching and assessment style and tracking student progress. Institutions having integrated ERP are quite ahead in this aspect. It goes a step beyond classroom teaching by providing live classes and recorded classes to students. Adding to that, the ERP makes it easy for teachers to keep track of the progress of each student based on the data available of their performance.

  1. Support and growth

This criteria particularly focuses on students’ growth, development, and their needs. Educational institutions equipped with college management software extend better support to students, parents, teachers, admins, and stakeholders.

  1. Management, leadership, and administration

This criteria examines an educational institution’s administration, management, and leadership and suggests that administrators mentor faculty and prepare methods for their career progression as well as institutional growth. The best university ERP maintains all critical and significant information concerning management, administration, and leadership at educational institutions.

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When you incorporate the use of college management software, NAAC accreditation will automatically follow. With NAAC-certification, institutions will be able to build trust and confidence in the minds of students, faculties, and parents. A best university ERP will aid in providing automatically generated reports online to NAAC. Gone are the days when hard copies were needed. The modern world requires a modern approach.

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