How E-governance System Works for Universities?

How E-governance System Works for Universities?

E-governance stands for electronic governance using the Information Technology. The technology is a huge part of the world now. And, it also includes how government can use it.It can use it to improve performance and increase efficiency in different sectors, such as education.

The education sectors are already using IT for management. ERP system has helped them become more efficient and cost-effective. And now, government is also using it to make universities more competent.

With an ERP system like Clobas, government education institutes can manage all their tasks in one place. Not just that, the government departments authorities can manage universities, colleges and schools with one platform.

Need for a Centralized Management System

Education institutes around the world are now using ERP system for effective management. Unfortunately, government education institutes are sluggish due to poor infrastructure, inconsistent policies, unqualified staff, and outdated syllabi. There are various other reasons.

Enter ERP system, and many things can be managed more effectively, from a one centralized platform. The real purpose of taking the management to a digital platform is to provide good governance to people.

The best e-governance solution for university in India can help make this transition smoother. Better governance starts with more transparency, participation of the citizen and more accountability.

How ERP System Can Help in E-governance

1. Instant Communication with its all stakeholders

E-governance solution offers instant communication via the portal, app, e-mail, push-notification and SMS. These are some of the most effective ways to communicate, which reduces downtime and ensures greater efficiency.

These communication channels bring all the stakeholders together – students, teachers, staff, administrations and more. E-governance via ERP system offers greater scope for improvement. Tool like Clobas, helps to establish a multi-channel instant communication platform with parents and teachers.

2. Knowledge Enrichment for Tutors and Students

The module for online teacher training will help improve their teaching quality. At the same time, the students will also benefit from all the resources available to them. Implementation of government schemes and programs is easier with an ERP system. Faster communication methods make it possible for the institutions to implement these schemes and track the progress for successful results.

3. Monitoring the performance, profile and infrastructure of each institute

The E-governance solution helps the department to monitor each institute without any confusion. For each institute, a separate profile can be created. A centralized management system helps the government department and all other authorities to keep checking the progress.

Tracking the performance of each institute is very important for the department. Thanks to e-governance solution, they can easily access information and reports on each aspect. Also helps to track and monitor the welfare schemes and infrastructures closely.

4. Fostering Transparency among institutions/Department

One of the things that made government institutions sluggish was lack of transparency. But, with an effective management system they bring more transparency among the education institutions as well as departments.

By sharing information and providing easy access to them, a greater transparency can be achieved.

5. Paperless Solution Ensured Huge cost savings

Under the Go Green initiative, the government can achieve the goal with an e-governance solution. All the information will be available on the cloud-based platform, which means, there will be less dependency on paper.

Institutes can easily save tons of money on paper, printer and other things. Thanks to the advanced ERP system, everyone can download and access information online. From the portal, and mobile app. This will greatly reduce the cost of paper.

6. Powerful Report Generator

Reports are an essential part of management. But, institutes and even the government departments don’t have to spend hours generating reports manually. With an ERP system, they can easily generate reports with just a click. In-built features allow users to create reports without any hassle.

7. Improved Productivity due to convenient access to the portal

E-governance ensures improved productivity with easy access to the portal. Teachers, students, staff and everyone else can access the platform for information. It saves time and effort. Not just that, it also reduces downtime which is important for productivity. And, the portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This is especially helpful for students who want to use the resources for their studies.

8. Easily Administered and Controlled from Head Office

E-governance allows easy administration from one place. In the case of universities, it is the head office. The head office can easily manage all the universities on one platform. It will save time, cost and ensure greater efficiency. It will connect everyone and bring them together on one centralized system platform. Also facilitates to prepare the budget and track the related expenses in a timely manner .

9. Security is critical & essential

Recognized by Govt of India as a startup SSI, Security level audit has been done and certified by World’s top 4 agency for data safety.

10. Multi Lingual Facility

Built in with Multi Language support, CLOBAS digitalizes data and facilitates democratizing education as a “Make in India” product.

11. E Grievance Redressal

This system helps to provide a round-the-clock grievance redressal system for staffs and parents, on the go.

12. Provides a two-way feedback system to improve the standard of education effectively.
13. Helps to manage the extraordinary talent pools (sports & culture) of Students across the region

The Bottom Line

The best e-governance solution for university in India, like Clobas, can help education departments work efficiently. It comes with features that can make management easier. Not just that, it can help government bring more transparency, promote more participation and accountability.

Clobas is a very useful tool to standardize the education system with a greater consistency and accountability.

Clobas is a school, college and university management system that helps improve efficiency. It can also help in providing better e-governance to universities and citizens too. It has been designed to meet specific requirements of each organization.

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