How Mobile App Can Improve Student Engagement in Universities

Best App for University

Mobile app is an important requirement for education institutes including universities. It can make management easier. But more than that, it can make students’ life easier. ERP system for universities can connect all the departments together. Meanwhile, an app can make it much easier to access information for everyone.

The best app for open university can help improve student engagement. They are an important asset for universities and features like mobile app can help them study more effectively.

Student engagement is an important factor in making universities more attractive to them. Find out how the best app for open university and other universities can benefit from them.

  1. Easy & Quick Access to Course Materials

One of the most important things students need is course materials. From lecture notes to assignment and e-books, a mobile app provides an easy access. Students can download the app on their device like mobile and easily access information.

App is part of the ERP system for universities. The app can help connect with the platform so that students can easily access information online. One of the benefits of using app is that students can easily access the platform from anywhere and anytime. Whether they are inside the campus or at home or hostel, the app can help them stay connected.

App can improve student engagement with the university by providing them an easy and efficient system.

  1. Communicating with the University

Student can use the best app for open university to connect with their lecturer, administration and authorities. Whether they want to give feedback or clear doubts with teachers or lodge a complaint, the app can be used for it.

App makes communication easier and faster. All the features, such as feedback or online chat/discussion forums are present in the app. All they have to do is click on the icon and they can easily connect with the university. This can have a huge impact on their engagement level.

By connecting students with the university, an app can improve learning. In fact, a mobile can help improve LMS or Learning Management System for the universities.

  1. Provide Easy Access to Digital Resources

When it comes to students learning, digital resources play an important role. Digital knowledge content linkscan provide students with information they need to study, do their assignment, research and more. An app can help them easily access digital resources of the university. This can also help students to stay updated and engaged in universities.

Students are looking for education institute that can stay up to date with the latest technology. Universities have upgraded to ERP system to manage everything from an online platform.

Digital resources like e-books, lectures, online classroom, and other things can improve student engagement by making learning easier. Not just that, online learning can make it more fun.

  1. Easy Navigation

Universities have bigger campus than schools and colleges. Even open universities have larger campus. Traditional methods like signboards are good but apps are faster. The app provides more efficient navigation of university campuses. They can find the buildings quicker when with an app than walking or driving around.

By making navigation easier and quicker, universities can improve student engagement. This way, the universities can make students’ life better inside the campus.

  1. App Can Increase Participation Level

Mobile app comes with features like latest news. Here, student can help information and notification about the latest events. Whether it’s a seminar or activity or sports, students will get the notification on time. This will help increase the number of student participation.

In addition, students will not miss their classes, tests and exams accidently. Reminders can help students stay up to date with their daily responsibilities as a university student.

By delivering the information to their devices, the best university app can improve student engagement. Students will be more aware of what’s happening on the campus. Increased awareness of university events and news updates can make students more efficient.

  1. Improved Tracking of Their Progress

One of the things that can make students more efficient is effective tracking system. They can check their tests and exam results online via the app. At the same time, they can check the progress of their academic year including their attendance.

ERP systems like Clobas offers an easy way to manage student profile. Students can check their profile online where all the important information are available. This includes their up-to-dateperson information, fee updates, result, assignments, library, lectures and more.

Staying up to date with everything related to their student life is an important factor for improved engagement. And, the best app for open university can make this possible.

  1. Personalized feedback as a self-service portal

With a mobile app, students can get personalized feedback. Meaning, it will be easier for teachers and the management to reply to queries. And, students can get the answer delivered to them.

Each student will have their own profile. Getting personalized feedbacks for their queries to management or doubts can help them improve. Plus, it will be faster and easier.

The Bottom Line

A mobile app for universities can be an effective tool in increasing student engagement. It comes with a wide range of features that can make student more efficient and inspire them to participate in various activities. Most importantly, it will help them study more effectively with an easy access to digital resources and information from the comfort of their homes. With the best app for open university and other universities, they can improve their performance by improving student life.

Clobas ERP system offers 360-degree solution to all type of education institutes including open universities. Mobile app is an important part of our solution and can make a huge difference for you.

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