How To Use School ERP Software To Improve Admission Rate?

How To Use School ERP Software To Improve Admission Rate?

In the last two to three years, it has always been an essential and challenging task for higher education institutes to improve student admission and student attendance rates. The most common problem for this is the dearth of suitable technology to maintain the administrative and academic tasks. However, it has become possible with the availability of the best school ERP software. This software offers a holistic digital transformation solely focussing on the systematic academic and administrative operations along with the requirements of the students.

These management softwares are technologies that help schools deliver efficiency, productivity, and profitability to school administration. One of the most important aspects of school administration is admissions. It is one such process that is quite extensive and time-consuming. It also happens to be one of the most critical events of the entire academic year. Ensuring prospective parents know about your school and considering enrolling their wards, and being ready to handle all the data is crucial.

As the digital space is growing, the data can get too much to handle manually. Also, you might need special measures to ensure secure storage and maintain its precision. The processes can be smoother and error-free with enhanced automation and reduced human intervention. Moreover, it also reduces the burden of administrative tasks on the staff. All in all, there is no doubt that the best school ERP is a much-needed change in schools.

Let us see how:

  • Simplified and automated admission process

Who doesn’t want everything to be quick, easy to access, and simple in today’s time? However, the process tends to take a lot of time when it comes to manual admission. The process goes a long time from the admission form distribution to the final submission and admission. Thus, it keeps the entire staff and administrators busy and hassled.

Moreover, parents and students also find it a tiring and long process. With the help of ERP software, schools can make a simplified road map for admission that the administrators and staff can manage easily. The software also gives students or parents the access to attain the whole process from home or anywhere using the portal or mobile application. For example, a working parent in Maharashtra wants to enroll their child in a school in Tamilnadu. In this case, all they have to do is check the school’s portal or application and proceed with the admission process. It saves them their precious time and the hassle of travelling from Maharashtra to Tamilnadu.

  • Systematic enrollment procedure

One of the most important steps right after the admission of students is the student enrollment procedure. Enrolling every student manually demands a lot of time, thereby making the process time-consuming and difficult. Moreover, it also creates chances for mistakes that ultimately create difficulties for students in the long term.

An ERP system offers the most systematic influence over the number and characteristics of the new students. It also influences the persistence of students to continue the enrollment, from kindergarten to matriculation. Apart from this, it also makes the enrollment process easy for the staff and has access to all the important documents needed anytime.

The admission process includes various stages. Firstly, class-wise vacancy can be seen instantly by the management in the best ERP Software which goes through the complete process workflow at each stage. For instance, when candidates apply, they can be screened by means of any entrance test and results can be updated instantly online indicating how many are on hold, selected or rejected. Moving forward to the next stage, of personal interview of the candidate, likewise, the actual status of how many on hold, how many rejected and how many selected can be instantly updated. Finally, for the selected candidates for admission, the management can send an intimation of admission by email or SMS and keep a close track of the vacancy in each class and section and issue admission notification. This saves a lot of time and improves overall operational efficiency of the institute, and the best school ERP Software speeds up the whole process without much of paperwork.

  • Systematic arrangement for a fee and bill payments

One of the most crucial tasks is managing fee records in educational institutions. When the staff do it manually, it becomes quite difficult to arrange everything. Be it arranging every payment successfully, maintaining receipts, distributing on time, tracking every student’s fee records, and many other crucial tasks, manually doing it is difficult. Parents also find it difficult to stand in queue and submit all the fees and documents for new admission.

ERP software offers a fee management system that eases everything. From each student’s admission fee record to generating receipts of each transaction, it allows parents to pay fees at any time using various payment methods. In short, fee management offers a systematic and flexible approach for completing fee payments and easing our tasks for both parents and other stakeholders of a school.

  • Data security

It involves a lot of data that they must manage properly when it comes to educational institutions. Student data is one of the most critical data that needs proper security. An ERP software streamlines and manages each student’s complete data and information. Also, it helps schools secure, store, and organize each data separately so that the administrator can access, edit, or update anytime as per the situation demands.

  • Hassle-free Post Admission Process

An online school ERP helps schools in ensuring all student information is secure. The parents, students, or any stakeholder of schools can easily access the data from anywhere using the required credentials. Also, one can access specific information anytime instead of searching manually through all forms.

These are some of the ways the best school ERP software helps in improving the admission rate.


An ERP system needs to be efficient, robust, and flexible in anyways, providing schools with a modern approach to empower an institution’s operations effectively. Moreover, it also focuses on stakeholders’ and institutions’ requirements simultaneously. It results in superior user experience and intelligence, relieving them from the burden of tedious and repetitive tasks.

Apart from this, ERP software also provides support for strategic initiatives with actionable data via built-in analytics. This enables every user to easily analyze key institutional metrics.

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