How University ERP Aids In Generating Administrative Reports?

best university ERP

Gone are the days when a handful of people used to manage multiple complex processes across different departments through physical labor. Apart from the administration department, the guardians also needed help having to stand in long queues to interact with the department. However, as we saw the rise of the best university ERP, the administration process flipped.

Back then, schools weren’t such huge and hence didn’t face major troubles. However, given the size of educational institutions today, it’s impossible to do things manually without any errors.

Best University ERP- A Glimmer of Hope 

As educational institutions are finding it difficult to navigate the newly posed challenges thrown by the large data associated with a large number of students. The fact that around 4.57 billion people were reported to be active Internet users in July 2020 implies that technology is no longer a luxury. It contributed to 59% of the world’s population.

Technology has been spreading across different sectors like wildfire. Unlike others, the education industry demands precision. Hence, the best university ERP took birth. It rightly took over the tedious job of handling data that was earlier catered to using only a few brains & hands.

School ERP software has come to the aid by enabling the school management to take care of everything on a single platform. The school ERP software presents everything on a central dashboard.

Prime Tasks That A School ERP Aids In:

  • Track fee payment: ERP software presents fee payment options to parents on a platter in the comfort of their homes. It assists the management and parents in keeping a record of payments due or payments made. Adding to that, the platform can also be used to send gentle reminders to parents with just a single click.
  • ONLINE Admission process: It’s one of the most time-consuming tasks with the highest scope of errors. Equipping educational institutions with the best university ERP enables them to handle complex admission procedures seamlessly.
  • Exam management / Online Result Publication: ERP solutions also assist in organizing exams and tests for pupils. In the current environment, when holding exams is difficult, school ERP assists in producing automated report cards, question papers, mark sheets, and ONLINE Results can be published.
  • Data Security: ERP provides much more security to data than manual handling. Paperwork might get into the wrong hands easily without anyone’s knowledge. On the contrary, the best university ERP forms an encrypted environment where data is stored. It’s not prone to external threats enabling institutions to have greater control over the data & processes.
  • Resource Management: It’s particularly essential for institutions to opt for ERP as it aids in keeping track of student information, finances, & staff records. Additionally, it would help manage resources effectively with proper future planning. ERP will drastically bring down the money that was once spent on resource management by boosting the institution’s productivity and operational efficiency besides improving the transparency.

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How Is CLOBAS Addressing Administrative Challenges? 

CLOBAS offers the best university ERP to make it easy for educational institutions to keep track of students’ performance. Furthermore, the post-pandemic period has completely changed the functioning of the world. Educational institutions have also fallen prey to the adversities of managing everything online.

About time CLOBAS introduced its school management software to aid in the 360-degree management of educational institutions on one platform in an organized manner. It gives you the liberty to switch between online and offline modes.

Allocating teachers, scheduling classes, updating the syllabus, and adding new subjects can now be done within a few hours. Apart from easing things out for the school management, CLOBAS’s best university ERP has equally contributed to the stakeholder’s journey as well.

Take Away! 

Through a pool of functionalities and features, CLOBAS lays down management software for the rapid growth of institutions. The best university ERP accommodates everything under one umbrella allowing everyone to access all academic processes. It promotes greater connectivity. Limiting human interference in the management process improves efficiency with minimal investments.

Call To Action 

CLOBAS’s school management software is the best university ERP for streamlining crucial management tasks. Our innovative approach has allowed us to bring complete digital transformation to the world of education. We’re specialized to render mobile solutions and cloud services that’d meet the dynamic requirements of 21st-century educational institutions. For more queries, reach out to us via mail at or call us at +91 9791041533.


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