Mastering Campus Life With University Mobile Apps

Everything You Should Know About University Mobile App

If statistics are to be emphasized, the need for educational institutions to invest in dedicated and best university app for students is important now more than ever. As we know, the Gen-Z and millennials have already proven their allegiance to smartphones, and many of them are still pursuing a college education. Moreover, everything is getting digitized, so universities must invest in mobile applications to improve student success and engagement.

Though the technology is relatively new, the next big thing on the campus is going to be the mobile application that caters to the administrative needs of the students. Approximately 98% of millennials now have smartphones and use applications to do virtually everything. These statistics have forced universities to transform their administrative operations with next-generation mobile applications for better engagement of students.

Only smart schools or universities embracing mobile applications for students will be in the competition and stay afloat. So it is a make or break for institutions that are yet to take the digital path to attract and engage students in academics. So if you are planning to go digital for administrative and academic operations and don’t know how to get started, this guide will definitely help you. First, let us understand what a university mobile app is.

What is a University Mobile App?

Depending upon the usage, there are various definitions of university mobile applications. An appropriate definition would be a single application that manages and elevates the student management services and experience by connecting to the already present system of the university or college and giving the student a holistic view where all campus resources can be accessed via a single institution branded mobile app.

Now, let us see why it is important to have the best university app for mobile.

Why is a University Mobile App the need of the hour?

  • Universities obviously want to cater to the student’s requirements and improve engagement. This is not possible from behind a desk or through a desktop application. So if universities want to connect and engage with the students efficiently, they must go virtual, where students spend most of their time.
  • Smartphones pervade the lives of millennial and Gen Z students, and it is no secret. In fact, many of them don’t even own a desktop computer but come to campus with a smartphone or tablet. This is exactly why University mobile applications have become a critical solution for increasing student engagement and experience.
  • The recent social health challenge caused by Coronavirus has forced students to stay at home and learn. And this has become one of the biggest reasons why universities are slowly turning to digitalization.
  • Students are increasingly opting for universities and colleges that provide a wide range of mobile applications for them to do everything. Everything is covered in applications, from raising a query, finding their way around campus, to attending classes online, campus events for booking appointments with staff members, paying fees and campus security.
  • Naturally, students prefer to do these tasks in a user-friendly application that is holistic and serves the purpose of a one-stop app instead of having to access numerous applications on the phone.

These are some of the reasons why universities and colleges make a great effort to make a student’s application meaningful, trendy, highly engaging, and useful.

Now that we know why we need the best university app  for mobile let us walk through some of the features that make these applications more user-friendly.

Features of the best University mobile app

  • The apps are usually user friendly, just like ATM design, thus making access to all necessary and updated information at just a click of a button.
  • The app makes life easy for students, teachers, parents easy as it can be used anytime and anywhere to track day to day attendance, homework, results, feedback/comments etc.
  • The Apps are easy to manage and carry top-notch learning modules and study materials available free of cost.
  • The apps come basically from digital platforms where you can get interesting and value-added links for knowledge enrichment for holistic education.
  • They aid in creating the high visibility of best performers online and encourage and promotes the skills and talents of students.
  • They exhibit compatibility with multiple devices, including tablets, laptops, desktops, and multiple operating systems.
  • The application provides increased flexibility for students to attend webinars, take online tests, etc.; thus, helping them study from home conveniently despite the pandemic.
  • They offer questions banks, online assignments, and video lectures of teachers, which can be reviewed and accessed from home, 24×7, 365 days in case they want to revise a particular topic. This saves their high external tuition fee expenses for coaching. Also helps to master the subjects.
  • The app increases the professional image and reputation of the university within the community. It thus helps in creating high visibility of best performers and efficient tracking of students’ skills and talents.
  • Students & Faculty Timetable can be easily accessed, and changes of classes or faculty can be instantly updated and accessed by all from time to time.
  • Faculty can also apply leave through mobile app and can quickly see their leave balances, salary slips etc in a hassle free way saving great amount of time and stress.
  • Results published can be easily accessed semester wise or term wise making life easy for students, parents and faculty members.
  • The best thing about the apps is that they come with a suitable cloud infrastructure setup that ensures high-end security and ensures 99.95% uptime.
  • Concludingly, students online survey and feedback mechanisms are made available besides ensuring satisfactory and timely students grievance redressal process.

These are some of the features that a good University mobile app has. Employing them for your institution will surely attract students to engage in academics successfully, plus, add more intake of students , year after year in new admissions.


If you are running a university, it is essential for you, as a student administrator for a student success manager, to have a student mobile application that can more seamlessly for reflecting students changing requirements. The best university app can do that.

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