Mobile App for Schools provides an Easy Access to Features

Mobile App for Schools provides an Easy Access to Features

A mobile app is an extension of a school ERP system. You can use the same features on your mobile devices. This makes things easier for everyone. You can easily use it anywhere. Not just that, you can get information you need on the go. All of these things help management easy and efficient. In the last 10 years, schools, colleges and universities and many other education institutes, have started using ERP system. School management system is a software tool that allows management of all the tasks online. Cloud-based platform allows access from anywhere. All you need is a device like a mobile phone. CLOBAS is the Best School mobile app. It offers features that can help you keep everything efficient.

Here are some of the many features you can access from the best school mobile app:

1. Latest News

School notice boards are designed to provide information and news to students, teachers and more. A mobile app comes with features like latest news. Students and parents can stay up to date with the latest events via a mobile app. They can even get notification for latest news. This way, students especially can stay current with what is happing at school and upcoming events. It is a time-efficient way of keeping everyone in the loop.

2. Results

When results are published, students can easily check them online. No need to wait for going to school. Schools can easily publish results online so that students can access their results. This feature is helpful for students. They can access the platform online using a mobile app. A mobile app is easier to access. For instance, you don’t have to log-in every time you want to access the platform. Imagine, how much time everyone will be saving.

3. Homework

Students can access homework details from the app too. Parents can also access assignment information through the app. This will ensure that the students complete their homework on time. During the COVID lockdown, this feature had helped students keep up with their work. Additionally, online classes were held for students so that their education could continue uninterrupted.

4. Attendance

Attendance is important for every student. Apart from holidays, and leaves, students need to have certain percentage of attendance. Parents can get notification if a student doesn’t maintain the required attendance. And, they can check the report online. These features make things much easier for parents, teachers and students too. Communicating is easier with an app. Issues can be quickly addressed and responded to with an effective communication system.

5. Time Table

Students and parents can also get details of time table. Classes, courses, subjects, date and time. Everything is uploaded online. This way, students can prepare for the school day. Parents can also help their kids stay organized. A time-table integration feature is an excellent option that will help everyone stay organized and on the same page. Moreover, it will also reduce confusion. Sometime, students can forget what classes they have the next day. Thankfully, the mobile app can provide all the information they need without any hassle. They need carry extra huge load of unwanted books.

6. Parents Feedback

Parents can send in feedbacks through the app and on topics they would like to say about. This option allows them to quickly communicate with the school authorities. In return, schools will benefit from the feedback to make the app, and student’s life better. It is an easy-to-use feature and parents can access it on the app with a click.

7. Virtual Classroom

The app also provides an easy access to virtual classroom where students can attend online classes from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, they can also watch webinars from the app. Both these features were very helpful during the lockdown due to COVID19.This feature is designed to help students access learning resources from anywhere.

8. Online Test

Just like online classes, students can also take online tests via the Best School mobile app. It allows students to easily access this option with a click. During the lockdown, this feature was helpful too. It helped students keep up with their studies and tests.

9. Notes & Question Bank

The CLOBAS mobile app for schools also provides notes and question bank. Students can find important notes without any hassle. And, the question bank can help them prepare for their tests and exams too.

Why Schools Need a Mobile App

A mobile app makes things so much easier. Today, almost everyone has a mobile. Students can get the app in their parents’ mobile. Apps are designed to make access to information and features easy. For instance, you can log-in once and the next time, you can quickly get to the feature you are looking for. For instance, students want to check their homework. They can open the app and access the homework feature.

Each student has their own profile and all the information are available for them to access. You can imagine how much time and energy everyone can save.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

One of the best things about a mobile app is that people can access information anytime, anywhere, conveniently. Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can quickly access the mobile, no matter where you are.

The Bottom Line

The best mobile app for schools like CLOBAS, is an excellent way to access information and stay up to date with everything. Students can access information from mobile, and their parents too. Schools can easily post information in one place, so that everyone connected can easily access information without any hassle.

CLOBAS is the best school mobile app with a plethora of features. It is a cloud-based ERP system for schools, colleges and universities. Mobile apps come with features that make it easier for students to find information from the comfort of their home. It can be customized as per individual client. Not just that, 24/7 support ensures your platform doesn’t suffer from downtime.

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