The Best Integration Features of College Management Software

The Best Integration Features of College Management Software

College management software or an ERP system for colleges, offer an easy and efficient way to manage everything. And, it comes with integration features that further make it an excellent management system.

The ERP system for colleges is designed to bring all the tasks under one umbrella. Colleges can manage everything, from admission to online classes, from one platform. But it also offers integration of other features which are 3rd party tools. These tools can help integrate even more tasks with your ERP system.

Find out what are these integration features that come with the best college management software in India.

What is ERP Integration of a College Management Software?

ERP integration is a process of connecting ERP software applications with other, 3rd party systems. The goal is to bring all aspects of management under one roof. This way, colleges can easily manage as well as take decisions without any hassle.

Integration feature is important for the college ERP system. It helps save time, cost and ensure that college administration has all the tools in its disposal. Usually the College management empanels different vendors for various service providers with the result they have to spend a lot of time in following up each vendor to get services done by each vendor. Whereas, if the College ERP is an integrated one, then  it facilitates easy and smooth management and service levels are also higher and comfortable to handle.

What are The Third-Party Systems That Can Be Integrated with ERP System?

ERP systems like Clobas can be integrated with other tools for managing tasks like accounting and transportation.

Here are the third-party systems that can be integrated with the best college management software in India:

1. Accounting Integration

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a management system that allows education institutes like colleges to streamline their accounting needs. It is done through integration of data.

Colleges can export their financial data to their ERP system for efficient management. Accounting software is essential for all types of organization including colleges. Your ERP system can help you export and manage data like invoices, fees, payments and other things.

College management can also manage their taxes and create budgets. Accounting integration with the ERP system is essential for colleges for increased efficiency and accuracy.

The best college management software in India like Clobas offers this feature to help colleges improve their efficiency.

2. Attendance Management with Biometric System Integration

College management also includes attendance management. Student attendance as well as that of the staff is also important. Students need to meet the required attendance percentage. ERP systems can integrate biometric machines or RFID reader gateway. This way, colleges can easily manage attendance of students.

Thanks to the integration of the ERP system, colleges can upload the attendance information of each student. Students can easily check their attendance performance on their profile.

Integration of attendance management is an important feature of the best college management software in India. This feature can help increase efficiency and productivity.

3. Transportation Tracking Using GPS

Another feature of ERP integration is managing transportation service via GPS. Transportation management software helps colleges and other education institutes manage their transportation services easily. Buses can be tracked using GPS. This feature can help students, teachers, staff and management keep track of the buses provided for transportation. And, this is a real-time system that helps in keeping everything efficient.

Transportation services like buses are important for college students, and others too. It makes commuting less hassle for them. Transportation software integration with college ERP software is essential for improved efficiency. College management can easily manage this service from one platform. This helps save time and cost.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

Payment is also an important feature of ERP systems. Education institutes like colleges need payment gateway integration to collect fees and for all other transitions. The best college management software in India offers online payment integration to ensure smooth transitions.

Colleges can easily manage their transactions online and keep track of everything from one platform. This is an important integration feature that saves time and ensures accuracy. Plus, paying fees online is also a convenient and time-saving system.

5. Integration with multi channel communication systems

The best college management software also provides seamless integration with communication tools like SMS, Email, etc., thereby, eliminating any possible  communication gap between students, parents, teachers and the management. Also the college website can be integrated to ensure latest news, circulars, announcement of events, etc for the students, parents and the community at large and create more visibility and awareness to gain better reach out and stay updated with latest happenings.

The Bottom Line

ERP system integration with third party applications is important for colleges. The management can easily integrate their accounting, transportation and online payment system among various other things. Integration of these functionalities with ERP systems can help colleges increase their efficiency and stay organized. It can also save time and cost for them too, besides, help them to closely track, monitor and control these activities.

Clobas is an ERP system for education institutes like colleges. It offers various integration features that help colleges stay organized, efficient and cost-effective. We can help you easily integrate this third-party software with your Clobas ERP system.It comes with a wide range of features and can be customized to meet the requirements of each institute.

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