The Importance of Getting Parents Feedback for Schools

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Parents can play an important role in improving children’s education. By providing valuable suggestions and opinion, parents can help schools improve their performance. And, technology can help facilitate the process of getting feedback with features like school app.

Schools are increasingly using surveys to get feedback from students, parents and even their staff. Feedbacks can help schools and college in many ways. Which is why, schools need to use tools that can help them get feedback easily. The best school app or the best college app can help education institutes become better.

It is important to understand why it is important and how it works. This will help school like yours become more efficient.

Find out more about parent feedback and how it can help both parents/student and schools.

What is a Feedback System?

Feedback is an opinion or information on something. For instance, a customer can share their experience, opinion and thoughts on a product or brand. The same way, schools can also get feedback from parents, students and their own staff as well.

The feedback can be positive, stating about good things. Or it can be negative, which can be used to improve the service. Likewise, feedback can be suggestions on how to improve things.

Schools can ask parents for their suggestions related to courses, activities and other things. The best school app like Clobas comes with this feature. Parent can easily post their feedback using the app. It is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with parents.

How Feedbacks are Collected?

Feedbacks can be collected using method like surveys. Or, parents can post their suggestions on a particular feature like transport or library or infra structure facility or even about a teacher behavior / attitude, etc. They can use the Feedback module available in the app.

A mobile app makes it easier for parents to post their feedback. Parents can choose particular category or post a general suggestion. The school management will keep record of the feedback, monitor them and respond, as per the needs.

It is an automated system that can save a lot of time for schools. The feedback can be sorted into different categories. It makes analysis easier.

Why Do Schools Need Feedback from Parents?

Parent feedbacks are very important for schools. It is a valuable information that can help schools become more competent. Having a feedback system in place can help schools improve their performance. It improves their relationship, bonding with parents and branding with the local community too.

Here are the reasons why feedbacks are important for schools:

• Improve School Performance

Feedbacks are essential for improvement in school. Parents are in charge of their children and they can give details on how thing are working. From school facility to teaching methods to transport and activities. Parents can give valuable insights to help school improve their overall performance.

• Help School Stay Current / Updated

Parents can suggest new learning trends to schools. Including new features will improve school’s performance and raise its profile. This will help attract more students. Parents and even student want schools that follow the trend when it comes to learning. Which is why, it is important to be aware of what parent/students want.

• Improve Enrollment Via Positive Reviews

When parents post positive feedbacks, schools can improve their enrollment. Other parents will get the information they need from positive feedback so that they can make an informed decision. It is just like product reviews. People buy a product by first learning about other buyers’ experience.

• Project School As Open and Transparent

Feedback feature can actually make a school more transparent. It shows that your schools are open to suggestion and actually values different opinions. Again, it can be used to make your school look the best option for parents.

• Improve student learning

Parent feedback can actually help schools improve student learning. Who is a better authority on student learning than parents? They can give you details on how to improve learning. Implementing suggestions from parents can help schools in so many ways.

Online learning is a huge thing now. Students can easily access information related to their education, such as subjects, homework, assignments, results, and more. Parents can suggest improvement about the existing feature or ask to add more. This is an excellent way to improve student learning.

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Best Practices For Maximizing Parent Feedback

  • Foster Open and Transparent Communication
  • Provide Clear and Specific Feedback Guidelines
  • Ensure Confidentiality and Anonymity Options
  • Encourage Constructive Feedback
  • Implement a Feedback Loop for Improvement
  • Collaborate with Parents in Decision-Making Processes
  • Appreciate Parent Contributions
  • Regularly Update Feedback Processes

Benefits of Using School App for Collecting Feedback

  1. Accessibility and Convenience:

A school app provides a user-friendly platform for parents to access. They can easily submit feedback, suggestions, or concerns using their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for physical meetings or written forms. This accessibility promotes active participation and engagement from a broader range of parents.

  1. Real-Time Feedback:

The best school app enables real-time feedback, allowing parents to provide their thoughts immediately after a specific event, activity, or interaction with the school. This immediacy helps capture accurate and detailed feedback while still fresh in the parents’ minds. Schools can then respond promptly and take necessary actions, fostering a sense of responsiveness and collaboration.

  1. Anonymity and Confidentiality:

Some parents may feel more comfortable sharing their opinions anonymously. School apps can provide anonymous feedback, encouraging honest and open responses. This anonymity allows parents to express their concerns without fear of judgment or repercussions, enabling schools to gather authentic feedback that can lead to meaningful improvements.

  1. Data Organization and Analysis:

School apps equipped with feedback management systems simplify organizing and analyzing data. Feedback may be digitally classified, sorted, and saved, making it easier for schools to detect patterns, trends, and areas for development. This data-driven approach assists schools in making informed decisions and developing successful learning practises.

How School App Maximizes Parent Feedback

When choosing a school app for collecting parent feedback, it’s important to consider features that optimize the feedback collection process. Here are key attributes that the best school app has-

User-Friendly Interface:

The best school app prioritizes ease of use and intuitive navigation. A user-friendly interface ensures parents can quickly locate the feedback section and effortlessly provide input. This simplicity enhances participation and encourages more parents to engage in the feedback process.

Multichannel Feedback Options:

The app offers various channels for feedback submissions, such as surveys, suggestion boxes, and direct messaging. This flexibility allows parents to choose the method that suits them best, promoting inclusivity and accommodating diverse preferences.

Customizable Feedback Forms:

School apps with customizable feedback forms enable schools to tailor questions and categories to their specific needs. This customization ensures that schools gather relevant and focused feedback, allowing them to address particular areas for improvement effectively.

Analytics and Reporting:

Advanced school apps provide analytics and reporting functionalities, allowing schools to generate comprehensive reports and visualize feedback data. These features help schools identify trends, assess the effectiveness of implemented changes, and track progress over time.

 Key Features to Look for

  • Push Notifications
  • Integration with Student Information System (SIS)
  • Customizable Feedback Forms
  • Data Organization and Analysis Tools

How Does Leveraging The School App Helps?

Using the school app for parent feedback simplifies the process and improves accessibility. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for parents to provide feedback at their convenience. With efficient data management, the app securely stores and organizes feedback, allowing schools to analyze insights for continuous improvement.

Additionally, the best school app saves time and resources by eliminating the need for paper-based surveys or in-person meetings. This cost-effective solution enhances collaboration between schools and parents, creating a streamlined feedback system that benefits the entire school community.

School app for Collecting Feedback

The best school app comes with feedback module. Clobas school app offers 24×7 feedback feature to help schools efficiently collect suggestions from parents. It has been designed to make it easier for parents to post their feedback.

An app is a faster way to post and collect details. All parents have to do is to open the school app, go to the feedback icon and then post their suggestions. Additionally, schools can also easily manage feedbacks with the help of the best school app.

The Bottom Line

Parents feedback is essential for schools. It can help them in multiple ways. More importantly, it can help improve student learning. And, with the best school app, schools can easily collect the feedback in just few minutes. Parents can also quickly post their feedback without any hassle. This module is helpful for school, parents, stakeholder, students and everybody involved in it.

Clobas school ERP system has been designed to provide an easy to way to manage all the task in one place. It is available as a web platform and a mobile app. The best school app will help you keep thing organized and efficient. The app further simplifies things for everyone by making it easier to access the platform via mobile devices.
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