The Need for a Cloud-based School Management software

The Need for a Cloud-based School Management software


Times have changed and schools need to move on from traditional management system. Old methods like files and folders are no longer relevant. Technology has changed the world, and schools, like everything else, need to keep up with it. Digital transformation can benefit schools in more ways than one. It is also important to choose the best School mobile app for the best results.

Before committing to a school management system software, it is important to understand what it can do for you. This way, schools like yours can become more efficient and competent.

Find out all the important aspects of a school management software.

What is School Management software?

A school management software is a cloud-based management system that makes administration easy. It comes with modules to take care of different tasks like online admission, fee management, general administration, and much more. It is a platform that brings everything together in one place. You can manage everything from one place.

Since it’s a cloud-based system, it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Plus, all the involved parties like students, teachers and parents can used the platform from anywhere and stay connected. It is a central management system that helps education institutions like schools to keep everything organized and sorted.

Features of School Management System

You can further understand what school management software is by looking at the features. There are more 60+ modules in CLOBAS school ERP system. You can customize these modules or use the ones that easily fits your needs. Some modules or features are commonly used by all types of education institutes like schools, colleges and universities.

Here are some of the many features of the best school management software:

Student Profile Management

This is also known as Student Management System where information about each student is stored digitally. Profile of each student can be easily created using this module with information like name address, contact details, courses, attendance, fee details and more. Student information from each class/grade can be uploaded on the platform so that it is easy to view information. Top management can easily pull up records of any students with just few clicks. The data can be edited, updated and maintained without any hassle.

Online Admission Management

The Best School Management software must have features like online registration, tracking the selection process, login ID generation, admission selection & confirmation. Firstly, the student registration & admission management features to start with basics can help record a student’s educational details from the past and future years. The best school management software in India can also upload a student’s photograph. This helps with easy identification while generating unique IDs for the students enrolled. Further, your management software should have a feature that ensures:

  • Data storage
  • Uploading
  • Reporting

This can include important documentation related to aspects like:

  • Family Background
  • Character Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Health records
  • Sports & Extra Curricular Skills

This software can also be managed from mobile devices, ensuring portability. So, make sure you check for its mobile compatibility features as well. The best mobile app for colleges can ensure a glitch-free admission process. When used the right way, it can help increase the number of admissions and lead-retaining.

Fee Management

Collecting fees and keeping proper record of so many students is not an easy task. But it can be easily managed with a school management system. Schools can set-up various fee structures so that parents can easily follow it. After payment, receipts can be printed and information regarding fee collection can also be stored easily. Schools can keep fee collection record as per daily, weekly, monthly and yearly collection. They can also generate reports, like class wise, section wise, category wise, etc. Automated reminders for fee delays or defaulters can also be set and triggered by the software for efficient cash collection.

Course & Exam Management

The best school management software in India allows users to set-up all available courses, departments, classes, sections etc., This way all essential details are captured and these data can be mapped with staff and students’ information. All the corresponding reports by different classification can also be generated by the software. The software also enables and allows user to configure necessary parameters for all examinations with aggregate formula, grades, CGPA, marks etc. as per the curriculum and board certifications.

Student Attendance Tracking

Attendance is an important part of student management. Schools need to keep a record of all the days students were present and absent. Schools can upload daily attendance of students so that everyone can view it, from students to parents to staff and top management with just a simple click through the mobile app. And, this they can do it online from anywhere. Plus, schools can send SMS and push notifications through mobile app to remind that they are behind required attendance.

Online Result Publication

Results announcement is a huge deal, especially for students taking board exams that year. Online result publication makes it easy for everyone to check the results from anywhere. Schools can use this module to publish results in bulk and ensure everyone can access the information. Students can view and print out the results. This is one of the best features of the best school management software in India.

Time Table Management

Using this feature, each of the Class, its Period, its Subject, and assigned Teacher can be allocated and mapped from time to time. This helps the Teachers and Parents to check their up-to date time table with class details such as Subject, Date, Time, Lecture Hall or Lab etc. The Management can also quickly assign alternate faculty or substitute teacher whenever the assigned teacher is on prior leave or is held up with any training or seminar while on duty. The assigned faculty also gets the message through SMS or mobile push notification confirming their handling the class and this way ensures smooth & hassle free operations.

Lesson Plan Management

This module helps the management to capture the lesson plan on a Weekly / Day wise basis for each class and tracks the progress of lesson/syllabus completion status and provides appropriate report to the management. Two-way confirmation process is enabled i.e. Teachers to confirm completion status which is to be approved by the HOD / Management. This greatly helps in timely coverage and completion of the course subjects and take corrective actions whenever there are delays by assigning extra or alternate faculty to complete on crash basis depending on a case to case basis.

Transport Management

Transport management is a huge part of school administration and this module can help keep everything organized. Details like buses, bus stops, how many students in each bus, routes, driver details and dates can be stored on this module. Not just that, schools can easily send SMS & mobile app push notifications to students and parents to inform them in case of changes. Schools can use this feature to efficiently manage transport facility and stay updated without stress or worry regarding safety of children.

Parents Feedback Online

This features enables the parents to send their suggestions and feedback to the designated management member thereby facilitating two way communication channel between the management and parents. The management in turn responds by quickly tracking them and ensures parent delight thereby building a good emotional connect and relationship.

Single Click Dashboard MIS Report

We all know that the management is tied up with several activities and are hard pressed for time. Understanding the time limitations of the top management the best school management software enables them to get access by a single click to key and critical operational efficiency parameters and saves great amount of time and at the same time helps them to take well informed decisions on the go in a cost effective manner. The dash board MIS report throws vital information in a single sheet to have access and view of key parameters of school operations such as Students Statistics, Feedback Status, Academic Standings, Fee Collection and so on. This is the Star * module of the software.

School ERP System

A school ERP system is same as school management software. Best School ERP or School Enterprise Resource Planning System is a software program that allows easy management. It is designed to take care of all the administrative activities of schools, such as data storage, and management, fee management, e-learning, staff management and automated communication.

It is a cloud-based system and offers easy access from anywhere and anytime. Choosing the best school ERP system is essential for getting the best results. Modules, technical support and expertise in digital transformation are some of the important requirements.

Schools need an easy and highly efficient management system that can take care of their day to day administrative tasks in a easy user friendly manner.

Benefits – Why School Needs School Management Software

Schools need the best school management software for a variety of reasons. Understanding the benefits can help schools find the best school ERP for their management needs. The right management software can help schools in so many ways.

Here are some of the best benefits of using school management software:

Increased Productivity

School ERP system is specifically designed to save time and increased productivity. Everyone, from students to teachers and other employees can complete tasks more efficiently. The staff can do more when they don’t have to rely on papers alone. For instance, if they want to search for a library book, they can simply search for the keywords. Or look reports to print out.

Increases Student and Teacher Efficiency

From homework to assignments and tests, teachers and students have to work together. Teachers don’t want students to do badly in the test or in class for that matter. Thanks to the platform, they can easily collaborate and complete the tasks at hand. Students can also seek help with their homework or doubts. Online classes during the COVID-19 helped students continue their studies. This was made possible with the help of an effective school management system which has interactive chat & discussion forum.

It Saves Natural Resources

School management software is a set of programs that helps schools stay efficient and productive. This has reduced reliance on paper. You can imagine how many trees have been saved. Switching to a cloud-based management system has helped schools to become eco-friendlier and save natural resources. It is something schools and education instates can be proud of.

Access from Anywhere

One of the best things about management software is that it can accessed from anywhere. Students can easily access their profile from the comfort of their home and anytime. The same can be said about staff, and management too. The online platform is available via internet and anyone with a device and internet access can use the platform. During the COVID lockdown, students were able to attend online classes. This helped them continue with their learning and stick to schedules and deadlines.

Effective Communication

A central platform allows everyone to communicate easily. For instance, schools can send SMS or email in bulk so that everyone gets the message at the same time (more or less). This way, they can effectively communicate with everyone. Likewise, students can communicate with teachers and vice-versa. Additionally, parents can also communicate with the school using the platform. Using a mobile app makes this even easier and cost effective too.

School Mobile App

A mobile app is an effective way to access the platform. It is an application designed for mobile device like smartphones and tablets. People can easily access the platform via their devices. This way, they don’t have to rely on a desktop for it. It also means that they can easily get the message or notification anywhere. The best mobile app for schools offers ease of use and all the essential features. It has similar features to web platform, but it might have fewer features available on the mobile app.

Features of mobile app:

Latest news

This works like a digital notice board where students can check the latest announcements from their mobile devices. Staff and management can also do the same. Students can easily access information without relying on a physical notice board. This can save time for everyone involved. Parents can too check the digital notice board to stay up to date.


Schools can use this module to send e-circulars to students and concerned people. They also use SMS and email features to selectively send e-circulars. Scheduling is a feature that enables institutes to send SMS automatically. Again, this feature can save precious time and help schools stay efficient.


Homework management is an important aspect of school management. Teachers can post homework for each class and students and their parents can easily access it. They can view and download the homework. This way, students will not forget the homework and parents can make sure that the work is completed on time. This is an important feature of the best school mobile app.


Checking results is even easier with the best mobile app for schools. Students and parents can easily check the results on their mobile phone. Apps keep you logged in and you can easily access the results without any hassle. The schools can post the results on the platform for each student. They can view and download the results instantly.

Photo gallery

Schools can post photos of different events so that everyone can view them. Students and parents can see the event photos on their mobile app. This is also a part of effective communication between the institution and students, teachers and everyone involved. This way, everyone can view the photos without the need to download or look for them.


Frequently askes questions or FAQ is an important feature of the mobile apps. It is very helpful for students as they can post questions and have them answered. Also, students looking for similar answers can look at the Q and A. It many ways, FAQ helps students get vital information easily.

  • Additionally, the mobile app also has –
  • Photo gallery- Institute can upload photos of various events held in the school and enable different target groups to view them online.
  • Time Table- Through this Class, Period, Subject, Tutor can be mapped. So, Tutors and Parents should be able to check their up-to date time table with class details such as Subject, Date, Time, Lecture Hall or Lab etc.
  • Online Fee Payment – Today both parents are working and find little time to visit campus in person to pay fees. Now, parents can pay school fees from their Mobile app or Web portal online and other associated status information will be made available for future reference. Parent can choose either internet banking or debit card option to carry out payment transactions and generate receipts.
  • Events & Calendar – All upcoming events and schedules can be listed out here, even as a calendar of events for every month.

Virtual Classroom – Once the virtual class is scheduled, using any of their preferred tool like Zoom, MS Team, Google Meet or WebEx, Staff or admin can copy the invite link and put it here, so that, student of the particular virtual class can click on the link from the mobile app and attend the class with new pop-up screen

Question Bank – This module will have past five years’ question papers from respective board exams. So, tutors and students can refer these questions from anywhere, anytime.

E-Governance Solution for Government Schools

School ERP system also helps with e-governance of government schools. Like private schools, school management software also helps government schools stay efficient. This is a part of Digital India, a government initiative to bring governments schools up to date with technology.

Here are a few important features of school ERP for best E-Governance solution for government schools:

  • Cloud-based platform to make paperless administration possible for government schools. Also helps with Go Green initiative.
  • One platform connects all the stakeholders of education in the state. Anyone can access the platform from anywhere anytime.
  • State education department Dash board can be viewed with easily.
  • It helps track and manage welfare schemes and programs of the government.
  • Online Grievance Redressal Facility helps solve issues faster and in a more efficient way.

The Bottom Line

School ERP system is a solution that every school needs whether it’s a private or government school. The best school management software in India offers features or modules that make management easy and more efficient. Digital transformation can help schools become more efficient, productive and cost-effective.

CLOBAS is the best school management software in India, offering more than 60 modules for effective management. It also has the best mobile app for schools. Not just that, it is also the best e-governance solution for government schools. It is designed to tackle day-to-day and all types of school administrative tasks without any hassle.

Check out the features here –


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