The Need for Online Admission System for Schools in India

The Need for Online Admission System for Schools in India

School admissions are nightmare in India. So many students apply for schools from different parts of the country. You can imagine the Herculean task of processing the applications. Not to mention, students getting admission to the right school and for the right course. Manually handling this task is not only difficult, it is also time-taking and costly. Which is why, schools have switched to a more efficient system: school management system.The best school management software in India can help you simplify the admission process. Additionally, it will also provide various other benefits. It comes with various features and functionalities that can easily save time for schools.

Technology is the key to an efficient education system in India. It is rapidly changing and schools need to switch to new system of management now.

What Is An Online Admission System?

An online admission system is part of school management system. All the steps involved in the admission process is done online. The software platform is used to start the admission process and complete it without visiting the institute physically. The best school management software in India like CLOBAS brings everyone together in place. From students to teachers to all the departments. This simplifies everything and ensures smooth transition. Not to mention, it saves parents the hassle and stress of admission of their children. Technology has helped make this process easy and effortless for everyone.

How Does Online Admission System Works?

It is important to understand how the online admission system works. It will make things easier for everyone. Firstly, it involves several steps. Secondly, you will be guided in each and every step. So, if you are a parent new to this process, it is not that complicated. The entire process from application form submission to confirm admission work flow is a very smooth and transparent one and captures various stages, like test results, interview results, fee payment status, vacancy details and finally fix up the student count for each class through this system.

Here are steps involved in the online admission process:

  • Registration

The first step is registration to the student portal. In most cases, students can to create an account or register using the platform. Email and phone number is required for registration. Once your profile is created in the portal, you can proceed further.

  • Application Form

The next step is submitting the application form. It can be filled online by filling up the required fields. This includes full name, parents name, address, course you are applying for etc. It is a simple process and self-explanatory.

  • Review

Schools have different criteria for admission. For instance, cut off marks can vary from one school to another. Schools will review the applications to accept or reject it. This can be streamlined by setting the criteria. The system will automatically filter the applications based on the requirements.

What are The Benefits of Online Admission system?

Online admission system comes with many benefits, which is why it has gained popularity. When looking for the best school management software in India, make sure that it offers this feature.

Here are the reasons why schools need online admission system:

  1. Convenience

There is no doubt that online admission process is convenient for students and parents, especially in current situation. Students can complete the admission process from the comfort of their home. Additionally, it will save time for both schools and students/parents. During the process, students can submit application forms, required documents and the fees too.

  1. Accuracy

Online admission is more accurate and faster than the conventional method. When the applications are processed manually, it can lead to human-errors. The software system is more accurate and eliminate the chances of errors. Reviewing documents can take a lot of time when done manually. Online process is much faster and accurate.

  1. Greater Efficiency

Paperwork can take lot of time. Online system eliminates this hassle and ensure smooth transition. This in turn helps in making schools more efficient. Hundreds of applications can be processed in a day without any issue. Plus, the management software can be customized to suit the specific needs of a school. This way, the admission process can be customized to meet the requirements of each institute.

  1. 24/7 Support

One of the best things about this process is that it is available 24/7. Students and parents don’t have to stand in a queue for admission. They can do that from the comfort of their home. The platform is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Which means, you can easily complete the process of admission anytime you want. Even fees payment is possible at any time of the day. This again helps schools stay efficient and organized.

  1. Cost-effective for Everyone

Online admission system not only saves time, but it also saves cost. Due to COVID, traveling has been restricted even now. Students and parents can easily complete the process from home and save money on commuting. This especially helpful for students who are applying from a different city or state.

The Bottom Line

Online admission system is an important feature of the best school management software in India. It offers a wide range of benefits and offers an easy way to get admission for students. Schools can use this feature to streamline the process and to save time at the same time. Switching to a new and a robust method can help schools become more efficient in many ways.

CLOBAS is the best school management software in India offering a wide range of modules and features. It is designed to help schools become more efficient and organized. We help education institutes reach their digital transformation needs efficiently. It is a highly effective, cost-friendly, transparent and easy to use management system for schools.

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