Top 10 Benefits Offered by Clobas

Top 10 Benefits Offered by Clobas

Clobas is the fastest growing software development firm in India that specializes in creating innovative software and offers best services to its clients. Clobas is a one-stop shop that fulfills the digital transformation requirements of all educational organizations.

Clobas is founded by a team of extraordinary, passionate and dedicated technocrats and domain experts with international exposure and possess a commendable track record on product engineering and deployment architecture with Fortune Global 50 companies. Our advisory board consists of people from eminent institutions such as IIT, IIM and Yale University.

Clobas is one of the best cloud-based management systems that comprises functionalities such as Learning Management, Academic, Administration, Productivity, and Communications. We have created an interactive platform that helps the staff, management, students, and parents to stay updated with day-to-day regular tasks at institutions and manage them effectively from remote locations.

Here are some top-notch benefits and services offered by Clobas:

1. Instant communication among its stakeholders.

2. Improves productivity & operational efficiency

3. Quick decision-making made possible with ready data availability.

4. Significant cost savings in reducing manual efforts by 50%

5. Knowledge enrichment learning platform

6. Enhances professional image and reputation

7. Effective FEE collection

8. Facilitates drilldown dashboard report

9. Close tracking & monitoring for better control

10. 24*7 availability with a two-way feedback mechanism to eliminate communication cap.

The main objective of Clobas is to provide the best, powerful, and empowering solutions to our clients. Our vision is to excel in technology by offering educational institutions and ministries with the Best E-Governance Solution for University in India across the world. We want to revolutionize the education system with a go green, paperless campus. Clobas aims at becoming a leader in digital transformation and works hard to deliver user-friendly and cost-effective solutions and ensures complete peace of mind to the users.


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