Top 10 Features of the Best College/University Management Software

Top 10 Features of the Best College/University Management Software


With COVID-19 plaguing the world, the need for digitization has increased tenfold. Digitization has taken over several sectors in our Indian economy. But, some are lagging. This fact stands true for the education sector. Colleges and universities have opted for a study from home model. Yet, the implementation isn’t smooth. The unforeseen delays, technical errors, and data breaches might impact the flow. In this context, educational institutes need to opt for the best college management software in India.

Why College/University Management Software?

Technological automation has affected colleges, universities, and schools positively. It streamlines and shapes academic, administrative, & financial operations. Thus, an ERP used for educational management doesn’t just bring momentary changes. Rather, it helps the educational institutions in the long run.

Best university management software in India caters to the complex needs and requirements of:

  • HODs / Departmental Staff
  • Faculty Members
  • Students

But, it’s not every day that we come across reliable software for educational institutions. Thus, it is important to filter out what is necessary and what isn’t. There are several factors your university might need and some you don’t. So, why would you pay for something you aren’t going to use? In this case, it is important to seek the best college management software in India with custom built features.

So, how do you select the right university management software in India? What are the key factors that are a must-have? To make things easier for you, we will narrow down the best features of college management software.

Understanding the Voice of University/College Management Software

You need to consider some basic features when selecting your go-to college management software.

Admission Management and Student Registration:

Your software must have features like online registration, tracking the selection process, login ID generation, & finally admission selection & confirmation. Firstly, the student registration & admission management features to start with basics can help record a student’s educational details from the past and future years. The best e-governance software for universities can also upload a student’s photograph. This helps with easy identification while generating unique IDs for the students enrolled. Further, your management software should have a feature that ensures:

  • Data storage
  • Uploading
  • Reporting

This can include important documentation related to aspects like:

  • Family Background
  • Character Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Health records
  • Sports & Extra Curricular Skills

This software can also be managed from mobile devices, ensuring portability. So, make sure you check for its mobile compatibility features as well. The best mobile app for colleges can ensure a glitch-free admission process. When used the right way, it can help increase the number of admissions and lead-retaining.

Student Inquiry Management:

When a student completes the school level and plans for a university or college, the process isn’t abrupt. The first thing a student does is enquire about the college and its basics. Moreover, they also need to check whether their score makes them eligible for enrollment. So, the base here is student inquiry management.

When the best mobile app for colleges helps answer queries faster, the enrolment rates increase. This, in turn, benefits the college or university. Reliable software allows any college authority a chance to respond via:

  • Walk-ins
  • On-phone conversation
  • Email /online/web chatbot

Or other sources of communication. Given the internet boom, the best e-governance software for universities is the online solution. It helps answer students’ queries faster. For example, if a student has enquired about the fees structure, this can be automated using the best college mobile app. For generic queries, you don’t have to track everything. An automated reply can be sent to answer the basic questions and cut any waste of time. If the query requires human interference, it can be done with the best university mobile app.

Entrance Exam Management:

Does the university have an entrance test for students eligible for admission? What are the eligibility criteria for the test? How should one enroll for the entrance test? These are the basics that you need to keep in mind.

Entrance exam management can be a lengthy process. It also has a lot of complexities and is prone to human err. So, it is important to bring in automated software that can handle all that without any error. Whether it is to inform the date for the exam or to confirm the timing, management software is of great help.

Fees Collection:

With the best mobile app for the university, the staff can ensure a secure and hassle-free collection & processing of fees. The software also helps maintain an updated payment record along with:

  • Creation of billing heads
  • Updating due amount
  • Edit the fee structure
  • Generate fee report
  • Update due date
  • Send auto reminders by email/SMS/Mob App Push notification, instantly with a single click

Fees collection is cumbersome, and any error can lead to major issues. Moreover, it can delay the process by days, if not weeks. Plus, there is the hassle of the money being misplaced. So, the best college management software in India can be your best bet to closely track, monitor & control fee management and stay updated.

Student’s Attendance Management:

Remember when back in the days, there was a roll-call protocol. Teachers spent 10-15 minutes at the start of each day keeping a record of the attendance. This process was very cumbersome and tiring. Plus, it wasn’t as reliable in terms of accuracy or transparency.

Management software helps mitigate the information glitch that happens with paper-pen records. For example, a university/college has different departments that need tracking students’ attendance. Doing so manually and ensuring its accuracy is difficult. The best university management software in India helps track attendance across various departments. Also, period wise, subject wise attendance of students for various classes can be accessed with great ease, as the system is highly user friendly.

If your software has a student attendance management feature, the same can be done in real-time. Moreover, the information can be shared with parents and higher authorities via cloud storage, instantly. This eliminates the need to maintain student attendance records on paper. It can also eliminate the need to use paper which reduces paper wastage and thus save the environment, enabling the campus to go-green, paperless and an eco-friendly one.

Examination Protocol Management:

When students enrol in college or university, they need to undergo examinations to get certified. The number of subjects isn’t one or two. Rather, it is at least 4 to 5 subjects depending on the stream. Ensuring that everything goes smoothly can be difficult when done manually. But, everything can be done online, from the generation of admit cards to updating the final grades.

With the best mobile app for colleges, students can:

  • Keep track of admit cards
  • Double-check the exam dates
  • Apply for any changes or corrections
  • Place any query to be answered
  • Get quick access to semester-wise, subject wise results at just the touch of a button
  • Arrears can also be tracked by the Management

Moreover, the college authorities can generate results on their existing grading system/percentile. This helps in the faster processing results and helps examine in a glitch-free manner.

Timetable Generation:

It can be difficult for a big university/college to generate timetables for each department on paper. Moreover, the biggest difficulty is sharing these timetables with the faculty and students. You might hand over the wrong timetable to the wrong department in all this chaos. How do we avoid this confusion? How do we remove the manual handiwork?

The key is to bring in the best university mobile app that simplifies this time-consuming task. For example, it can generate timetables for different departments in different slots. Plus, when this is done on a cloud-based app, sharing information is easier. For example, you can give the faculties, and students access to the timetable with a few simple clicks.

Doing so will avoid conflicts in terms of timing or subject matter. In addition, this will allow flexibility in terms of modifications as required by the management from time to time.

Details and Tracking of Library Items:

With the best mobile app for university, you can keep track of the books kept in the college library. Moreover, the books returned or issued can be kept track of with the help of management software.

When kept track through physical sheets, it can be hard to confirm the book returns that are delayed. This will help avoid the loss or theft of books and prevent financial problems. Barcode readers can be used to borrow and return books. Online Library helps to track closely the actual library database, & both the staff and student can browse it from anywhere for borrowing and availability search, online and save time.

Control and Manage Accounts:

Another great feature that is a must-have in any college management software is the management of expenses. When you pick reliable and best college management software in India, it allows you to:

  • Manage Fee Collections
  • Manage Daily expenses
  • Integrate with Accounting Software like Tally, Oracle, etc.

This is a proven way to track financial transactions for better financial reporting for the Management.

All these features are a must-have in the best e-governance software for universities. These features help colleges and universities achieve their work/management goals.

Placement Tracking & Resume Builder

Placement is one of the biggest challenges which determines the image, and reputation of any College or University. This is a great pulling factor for increased admission intake year on year. Hence, the best college mobile app helps Colleges & Universities to keep close track to get the list of students available for campus interview, their interview status and placement status. Further, the system helps the college student studying in third year and final year to upload their resumes online. Authorized Corporate HR  persons will be enabled to view  and download the appropriate student resumes by screening the right fit persons from the portal for their recruitment activities and save enormous time .

Why Do You Need The Best College Management Software in India?

With the pace at which the world is progressing, education has become a race to deliver the best to students. As an institute, you must not lag and must keep up with the competitors. With the best college management software in India, you can enhance the number of admissions to the institutions. Today, most institutes are enhancing & adapting different technologies with futuristic features. It also minimizes the time being wasted on administrative work.

A reliable choice in the market is brought to you by Clobas. This advanced college/university management software caters to parents, students, and teachers. It connects the entire campus from end to end to make the management smoother. In addition, this software is an ideal way to access and keep the record of students as per the progress of academic programs.

Clobas has the features that allow integration with third-party tools, such as:

  • RFID
  • Accounts Software
  • Biometric
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • GPS Bus Tracking

It is the best university mobile app that features 60+ features available online. Starting from admission to alumni and bus tracking to fee management, Clobas is a reliable solution.

Apart from this, Clobas also provides you with features like:

  • Webinars, Lesson Plan Tracking, E- assignments
  • Online student survey & feedback
  • Consolidated dashboards for multiple campuses for easy reporting
  • E-circulars
  • Staff Payroll & Leave Management
  • E-blogging & Discussion Forums
  • Discipline & Grievance Redressals

How To Pick The Right University/College Management Software?

After understanding the pros of the best college management software in India, the next step is to invest in one! Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First, collect information about the software & create a list of the features you need. Now, tabulate your college’s challenges and how these features benefit you. This will help you determine the features you need.
  • Find out the cost of owning the best e-governance software for universities. Do not stop at the weekly or monthly charges. Make sure you seek out the pricing for the upcoming 5 years. Management software can stay with you for years. So, prepare accordingly!
  • If the software is based on a cloud platform, it can benefit you immensely. For example, this can help you share information in an instant.


With the best college management software in India, you can reduce workload & ensure enhanced productivity. It can also help make it easy to pass on information among parents, students, and teachers. With so much data & information needed to be regulated, reliable management software is a perfect choice. Diminish the endless need for maintaining paper records and working your hands for manual storage. Even if it might seem that software is not needed, it can help massively cut down the management costs. Moreover, it can also save your precious time and help the operational efficiency of your university

Are you searching for the best college management software within your budget? Then, Clobas is the best choice for you. Our software is a one-stop solution if your college or university needs digital transformation. Try our software today or call us for a quick demo at +91-98410-37205. You can also mail us at


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