Top 10 Functions that Cloud-based software Clobas Provides

Top 10 Functions that Cloud-based software Clobas Provides

Clobas a digital educational platform that offers visual learning experiences in the cloud. Clobas aims to create an environment where students are inspired to be their best. Our Best Mobile App for University is efficient in configuring several handy reports. Feel free to communicate among stakeholders via the web portal or through SMS. One can access knowledge enrichment as a learning platform virtually and free of cost.

Moreover, Clobas comes with standard packages that consist of 32 modules that will help the institutions to automate their functions and have an overall mechanism to monitor the daily task of an institution.

The top 10 Functions that Cloud-based software Clobas provides –

1. Result Itemized Analyser

2. Compliance Management

3. Bus Tracking via GPS

4. Online Student’s Feedback survey

5. Online Test

6. Grievance Redressal

7. Lesson Plan Tracking

8. Identity Card Generation

9. Online Payment Module

10. Video courses

Clobas LMS can integrate with an educational institution’s offers mobile-friendly(Best Mobile App for University) teaching tools that add new functionalities to the platform. It proffers mobile apps for Android devices allowing the educators, students, and parents to view information, share and receive updates, whereas submitting results from anywhere at any time. It provides comprehensive and high-quality mobile learning experiences.


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