Top 10 Reasons that makes Clobas the Best Educational App for Students

op 10 Reasons that makes Clobas the Best Educational App for Students in Chennai

Managing education and learning with Clobas becomes easy and affordable. Clobas provides a seamless learning experience with its best LMS that helps students get easy access to education. Clobas offers best University app with interesting & value-added links for knowledge enrichment for the holistic education of the students.

Let’s know why Clobas is the best free educational application for students:

  1. The Apps of Clobas are simple to use, highly user friendly like ATM design, and makes available all necessary information at just a click of a button, making it very handy and useful with updated information.
  2. Makes life easy for students, teachers, parents to track day to day attendance, homework, results, feedback/comments etc. from anywhere, anytime.
  3. The Apps are easy to manage and carries excellent learning modules and study materials that are free of cost.
  4. Clobas offers a knowledge centric digital platform with interesting & value-added links for knowledge enrichment for the holistic education of the students.
  5. Helps to create high visibility of best performers online and encourages & promotes skills & talents.
  6. Supports multiple devices including tablets, laptops, desktops, & multiple operating systems, etc.
  7. Offers increased flexibility for students to take online tests, attend webinars etc. and helps them to study from home easily to tide over the pandemic situation successfully.
  8. Provides online assignments, question banks and video lectures of teachers which they can review & revise from home, 24×7, 365 days to master the subjects, thereby, saving on high external tuition fee expenses for coaching.
  9. Enhances Professional image & reputation of the institution within the community and further helps to create high visibility of best performers and efficient tracking of skills & talents.
  10. The Application of Clobas comes with a proper setup of cloud infrastructure that ensures high-end security.

With the recent push for online courses, digital education, and remote learning, a cloud-based learning platform for students has become extremely important than ever. Clobas offers significant advantages to every school or university student and hence they are considered as one of the best University app for Students.

Best Mobile App For Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools need modern management system to keep up with the demands of the present times. Today, people use smartphones for all sorts of things and not just for calling. They use it to communicate via emails, chats and apps. Mobile apps have become a very important part of communication.

Education institutes need an efficient management tool to keep thing organized. In this regard, the best mobile apps for schools, colleges and universities can help get the best results.

The best mobile app for education institutes must have the best features, designed to meet specific requirements.

Best Mobile App for Schools

The best mobile app for schools will have features that will make a student’s life easier. Everyone has used apps at some point. It offers quick access to various features or tabs of information. For instance, latest news. This feature helps students stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the schools. COVID19 changed everything. Thanks to technology, students could still continue their education despite the grave situation. Likewise, the best school app technology helps students stay connected with schools in an easy and efficient way.

The best mobile app for schools includes:

  • Latest News/Updates/Notification
  • Homework/Assignment
  • Attendance
  • Results
  • Fee Management
  • Previous Year Questions
  • FAQ
  • Event Calendar
  • Time-table Configurations

Best Mobile App for Colleges

The best college apps must include features like profile management, course management, student and staff attendance tracking, examination module, classes, time-table for students and staff and more. The app features will vary depending on the user. For example, app features for students will be different for staff, teachers and the management. It can be customized as per the requirements. With more than 60+ modules and features, CLOBAS is the best mobile app for colleges.

Best Mobile App Features for Colleges include:

  • Online application form with workflow
  • Online payment module
  • Hotel management system
  • Asset management
  • Identity card generation
  • Library management
  • Payroll and pay slip management
  • Online classes, courses and tests
  • Results, notification and communication
  • And more

Best Mobile App for University

University is more complex than schools and colleges. Colleges are affiliated with universities which means more data and more management task. When looking for the best university app, it is important to consider the features available. Universities admin has to handle tons of data not just from the university itself but also from colleges and other institutes associated with it. The best thing about an education management system is that it can be used on various devices including desktop computers and mobiles. Mobile devices offer more flexibility than others.

Best University mobile app features include:

  • Mobile App for Students, Staffs and Administrators
  • Content Management
  • Reporting Module
  • Teacher Performance Reports
  • Result Analysis Reports
  • Generation of Time Tables
  • Creation of Lesson Plan
  • Various Analysis Reports
  • Posting Assignments
  • And more

Need for a Mobile App 

Mobile apps have become important for various reasons. It offers easy access to information and offer quick communication. Smartphones have become commonplace and everyone can install apps. This way, students, teachers and management can stay connected in a non-intrusive way.

Schools, college and universities need mobile app to stay organized, informed, and up-to-date with latest developments. Management software apps can benefit education establishments in many ways.

  • School students can use the app to live stream classes and continue studying. Given the current COVID situation, need for the best school mobile app is eminent. They can easily stay up to date with the latest happening, get notification instantly, and they can also get access to extra study materials and resources online. Parents can also use the app to manage everything efficiently. The same goes for the teachers and the management.
  • Mobile apps for colleges will help student get study materials delivered to them. They can also attend virtual classes online and stay up to date with the latest happenings. Additionally, they can pay fees, track their attendance and assignment reports and do so much more. Teachers can also track individual student progress and help them keep up with the course work. The management team can also remotely manage everything.
  • Universities have to manage more data and handle more responsibilities than schools and colleges. An app can help management even easier. The app will be more helpful for the students. They can easily access information regarding their attendance, course work, online classes, fee collection, tests, results, profile and more. It will save their time and help them stay organized. They can easily access information form their mobile anytime they want. Mobile apps make things easier for everyone, from students to teachers and management.

CLOBAS offers the best mobile app for schools, colleges and universities. The apps are one of the best ways to keep everyone in loop. It is designed to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce downtime. Check out the features here –


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