Top 10 Ways schools are making online learning more fun and interactive for kids

Top 10 Ways schools are making online learning more fun and interactive for kids

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, e-learning has seen tremendous growth and now many schools are finding ways to make it more fun and interesting for kids. Clobas is an innovative software development company which offers the best online school management software in India. Here are 10 ways adopted for the same.

1. Devoted Spaces for Learning
This is one of the important methods to create a school-like studying environment at home. It is not necessary that the space should be large, but a separate room with least distraction, good lighting, and low noise is preferable. It is important to keep the space free from noise and any annoyance, as too much disturbance in personal space can turn the space into a hectic environment.

2. Accessibility and Appeal
Students find interest in learning if they easily get access to study material and engrossing courses. Clobas develops the best learning management platform where students can get easy access to online classes and study material. Shorter learning classes can prove to be very effective and help in the growth of students.

3. Visually interesting content
Lectures, videos, and study material help in developing reasoning abilities of students if they are visually stimulating. These educational contents help in keeping the kids involved and make the overall process interactive and enjoyable for both teachers and students. Clobas provides online digital platform for online and offline video classes with chat discussion forums which makes it the best online school management software in India.

4. Mobile-friendly E-Learning activities
Almost every student uses mobile phones and tablets daily. So, it is wise and logical to use mobile-friendly online courses to attract students for e-learning content on these gadgets. Clobas provides the best e-governance solution for school that is easy and user-friendly app which allows students to learn according to their convenience and speed.

5. Daily Routines
Establishing daily routines help students to develop discipline and learn good habits. The regular time intervals for learning help in building progression and adjusting with learning methods. Clobas has developed the top school management software in India that helps students to stay ahead in daily routines with push notifications and reminders.

6. Encouraging playful methods
Playful learning methods that involve stories are the best and effective ways for developing imagination, creativity, and reasoning abilities. If play-along is involved with academics, then it boosts self-confidence and self-esteem in students. Our ERP school management software provides an excellent digital platform that makes learning more interesting and playful.

7. Online safety of children
Our online school management software allows students to keep learning and interact with their teachers and classmates with only one app for all education or learning-related stuff. However, excessive online exposure can lead to safety and privacy concerns. Proper guidance and recognition about online activities can help children to understand what is right and what is wrong on the platforms they use. Our best e-governance solution for schools helps them to improve the development of students, till the time schools are reopened.

8. Parent awareness program (Parenting Tips Videos)
In these tough times, parents need a lot of counselling in handling their kids. This is where Clobas offers value added digital platform with videos from experts who share best and proven methods to educate parents.

9. Emotional Bonding and Branding
Emotional connect has to be established by schools with students, teachers and parents and small things like a birthday greeting wish from the management boosts up the morale of all stakeholders. Clobas is a proven School Management ERP which incorporates such value added things to build emotional connect as also build brand value for the schools.

10. Holistic Education/ Talent building
The NEP 2020 policy lays stress on holistic education of kids. Clobas is the best school management software that has inbuilt features to track, identify and capture talents in sports and games, arts and culture besides academic best students. It also has the feature to keep close track of the student health record.


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