Top 8 Features Best Mobile App for Schools Have

Top 8 Features Mobile App for Schools Must Have

The need for the best mobile app for schools has become quite a craze among the next generation of students, and rightfully so! Instead of studying and reading their textbooks, children opt for video tutorials and ebooks. Thanks to the school mobile applications, children today have become smarter and learn new skills faster than they earlier used to in the previous generation. If they use wisely, these mobile applications contribute to their progress largely

If we emphasize statistics, the requirement for schools to invest in dedicated school mobile apps is crucial now more than ever. We already know how the millennials and Gen-Zs have sworn their allegiance to technology. Moreover, with more millennials becoming parents today, it only makes sense for schools to have mobile applications, which is a one-stop solution for managing students’ everyday activities in terms of school and the overall school management.

Mobile apps have proven they can do everything, be it online school admissions, paying fees, or managing the staff. Apart from this, most surveys and studies have proven the dire need for the best mobile app for schools. So let us see the useful features that make it a must-have for every school.

  • Automated Marking of Attendance

The school administration can easily mark the attendance with a simple touch of a button for both students and staff alike with the help of mobile app. The teachers can use the application to mark the attendance with just a click and instantly notify the parents about the absence or presence with this app itself. With this application, the principal or the admin can view the attendance of the entire class or any specific student for any month or day.

  • Convenient Provision of Homework

This particular feature helps teachers and students alike. For teachers, they can easily assign homework at any time to the students. Later on, they can use this feature to evaluate students’ performance which can be later sent to parents. As for students, this feature helps in uploading their homework and assignments. Therefore, this saves a lot of time and energy, which otherwise goes into piling up a lot of notebooks and papers. Most importantly, home work for next day and previous day can also be viewed by students and parents and in case of their leave or absence from class, they can get a quick update from the mobile app itself without disturbing teachers or classmates which is made so handy.

  • Update about Latest News and Notices

The school management app notifies the parents about the latest happenings, news, updates, and notices via their registered phone number and email id. This helps the parents stay updated about circulars and events such as parent-teacher meetings. According to research, 28% of the student’s activities were related to notifications by school authorities. Out of this, nearly 7% of the activities display the notification in terms of important academic information, tests or examination notices.

  • Communication with the Parents

This feature is a mere extension of the previous one we talked about. The school mobile applications aid in improving parent-teacher and student engagement. An ideal mobile app must be integrated with AI-powered analytics dashboards, which must prove a greater utility source that offers crucial information to parents in no time. It helps the parents know the latest information about their child’s performance in

  • Child’s attendance history
  • Periodic performance in tests
  • Academic activities
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Feedback, comments, remarks
  • Time table details for the week

Online Fee Payment & Collection

As parents, we all know how much hassle it is to go to a bank to pay the fees. But on the other hand, when it comes to school authorities, manually tracking fees payment is quite hectic. Therefore, mobile apps with online fee payment and collection features save countless hours for parents who have to deal with long queues for paying & collecting the fees and school administrative staff.

As the online transaction gateway is safe, parents can stay assured about their money. Usually, an app offers multiple payment options such as Net banking, UPI, debit card, etc. Similarly, school management can easily issue e-receipts to parents on the completion of successful fee payments. Above all, they get instant update of fee collections for the day, class & section wise, student wise, category wise etc at any point in time. Parents can view past fee paid details an generate fee receipt from the mobile app itself.

  • Versatility

Typically, a good mobile app for schools supports multiple ranges of devices and operating systems. You can use tablets, smartphones, or laptops to access the application from anywhere and use it, making it a versatile platform use. Moreover, the kind of operating system you are using has no boundary either. Be it Microsoft or Linux, a suitable application exhibits compatibility with all.

  • Improves The Credibility of a School

The applications help in boosting the process reputation and image of a particular educational institution within the community. Thus, it helps create high visibility of the school’s best performers and promotes efficient and effective tracking of talents and skills. Beyond this, the mobile app is a brand building tool for the school to increase student intake which is a big benefit for the management.

  • Quick Generation of Reports

The school mobile app makes the report generation work easier for the teacher. They can access the academic reports of a class, section, student, and consolidated reports. Thus, this feature helps them communicate the students’ academic reports to their parents in no time. Moreover, the teachers can also suggest ways for the student’s academic improvement, thereby helping the parents concentrate more on their wards’ performance.

These are some of the features that the best mobile app for schools has.


As more and more people have started depending on technology, the idea of using school management apps was inevitable. Thanks to platforms like Clobas, the education sector can now wisely use this opportunity to smoothly manage all school operations by leveraging technology.

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