Top 8 Features of the Best School Management Software

Top 8 Features of the Best School Management Software

At the end of every academic calendar, there is a plethora of students waiting on the passing of the admission application. Processing thousands of applications, maintaining each student’s academic history, school fees, school assets, publishing report cards, etc., calls for due diligence. The school staff is flooded with information that needs to be processed and published ASAP!. This is where the use of school management software steps in to ease things out.

But how would one differentiate the best school management software from a fake model? A highly effective school management software should have certain features. Let’s dive right in to find out what they are.

1. Student 360 Degree Profile Management 

Student management is a must-have feature that tracks and records every student of the school. All essential information such as name, address, parents’ name, date of birth, medical conditions, and achievements are recorded. When all crucial data becomes accessible in one place, student management becomes a piece of cake. The administration can retrieve data about any given student with just one click.

2. Staff 360 Degree Profile Management 

A reputed school doesn’t only store information about the students but also about its teachers and other staff. The best school app offers such a feature. The information stored can prove useful in the future or be used to construct timetables for teachers or produce payslips.

High-level systems allow the creation of IDs and passwords of staff as per their designation. They’re given access to their field of work. In this way, different people can work on one project simultaneously and independently. It leads to faster output. This combats the overloading only one or two people with a lot of work and assigning tasks they don’t find comfortable working in.

3. Student / Class Performance analysis

Teachers are physically as well as mentally drained while marking each and every paper separately. Not merely that, the teachers are also tasked with the responsibility of assessing the overall academic performance of individual students. How can school management software help?

The software can help grade papers, prepare mark sheets of separate subjects, find the mean score and mean grade, prepare report cards, and rank students. With the help of AI, top performers and those who need attention and counselling can also be quickly identified by just a click saving exhausting hours spent by class teachers making life easy for them and the school management.   

4. Fee Tracking & Accounting

Handling the accounts is a sensitive work area that must be done with utmost accuracy. A minor error can lead to government audits or parents’ disappointment. Therefore, the school system must be fitted with the best school management software. It hosts an accounting system that tracks the fee status of students and its statement right from they joined the school.

It automatically generates invoices at the end of the academic year. Additionally, if there’s any damage to school property, the amount is added to the statement as fine/penalty to compensate same.

5. Library management 

A school is a location of literacy, and textbooks are present. A School can utilize a library management system to manage the school’s collection of textbooks. With the help of this system, it is also possible to keep track of previous loans, books that are in stock, and books that have been misplaced or destroyed, books that are most borrowed and least borrowed, fines collected for delayed returns, etc.

6. Staff Attendance & Staff Leave Management 

Mainly, the school management software focuses on recording the student’s academic status. However, if you’ve landed the best school app, it flaunts of the teacher’s attendance leave management features as well

Through this system, the school authority can access stored information on staff attendance and leave details which helps in the calculation of payslips, deductibles, and other incomes of the staff.

7. Parental portal & Mobile App

The information stored isn’t only meant for the school authority. The institutes can also let parents know what’s happening through the school management software.  The parents can stay connected with the academic performance of their children. Otherwise, given that both parents are working nowadays, it becomes tough to keep track.

School apps and parent portals allow parents to avail crucial updates. It includes academic progress, PTA meetings, assignments, attendance report, progress cards, and other school activities. Besides, it also offers most important feature of 24×7 parent feedback to the management from time to time on issues related to bus, hygiene, sports, events, staff behaviors etc.

8. Attendance management

Remember how there used to be a thick register with Ps and As adjacent to each student’s name? Well, as nostalgic as it feels, this method of recording attendance was cumbersome. Further, it also gave rise to errors.

Now, the best school management software features an attendance management system. It doesn’t demand much time from the teacher. The software allows the teacher to mark attendance accurately, which can also be accessed by parents and the principal. You can also set time bounds as per class timings. This will push teachers as well as students to enter class on time. This is made even handy through the mobile app for instant reach to the parents.


Among all other industries, the educational system has exceptionally benefited from the innovation of technology. The latest features allow simple and easy management of data. So, why wait? Give the management system of your school the much-needed makeover that it deserves. Identify and install the best school app ASAP!

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