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best college management software in India

Since almost everything has gone digital, it is about time education does too, and softwares like Clobas have proven how efficient it can be. It is a comprehensive academic operations management software with a wide range of features. To keep up with the ever-changing requirements and expectations in this digital era, Clobas was founded by a visionary group of passionate, extraordinary, and committed technocrats and academic experts who have good experience and international expertise in deployment architecture and product engineering.

Eminent personalities from IIM, IIT, and Yale University are also a part of the advisory board, thus making the software one of the best in India. Apart from being cost-effective, the software is also a high-quality educational solution adhering to all the global standards that allow the clients to improve their operational efficiency and achieve their goals in business for a long term time period. Thus, the clients are empowered in every way with the best state-of-the-art technology solutions for improving the overall quality of education.

The future of almost all businesses lies in its scalability and flexibility. This is something that Clobas has taken seriously and specialized in offering mobile and cloud solutions for meeting all the dynamic requirements of educational institutes in the current era and beyond. Let us take a look at all the interactive benefits that make it the

This blog will go into how the best college management software in India:

● Innovative and Easy-to-use Dashboard

One of the best features of the Clobas portal is its amazing out-of-the-box dashboard. It allows all the important parameters of an educational institution, such as fees collection, student statistics, academic standings, attendance, feedback status, and so on, to be accessed and viewed by the management. With this feature, everything can be smoothly tracked and monitored for better functioning of the school or college management.

● Lesson Plan Tracking

This particular feature is highly helpful for the Management to track whether all lessons are taught as per the planned timelinesby all the faculties teaching in a college or school. They can use the lesson plan tracking for capturing and monitoring faculty performance, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and take timely corrective actions for any delays in course/lesson completion.

● Virtual Classes

This feature is one of the most important aspects of the software that allows the school management to conduct online or virtual classes via different modes such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. They are tightly integrated into the system to conduct online classes without any hassle for students or teachers. This ensures that the classes are not shared outside the campus to any outsiders and the proprietary rights can be maintained by the school/college

● Video Courses / Webinars

It is not unheard of that visuals significantly impact the brain when a person is learning something new. The software will feature a wide range of video courses catering to different subjects so that students and teachers can view and grasp their knowledge on a particular topic. The video courses are interactive and give the students a better understanding of a specific chapter. These video classes can be stored and replayed any number of times 24/7 for 365 days to master the lessons and makes the teacher job easy.

● Discussion Forum Or E-Blogging

This feature facilitates the Institute to collect all student opinion surveys and prepare a holistic report based on these results. This report can be further used for any kind of decision-making process by the management.

● Grievance Redressal

This module lets all the users register any complaints in different categories and track those complaints and status. The school or college management can assign these complaints to the relevant staff so that they can close all the grievances in a timely manner and prepare a comprehensive report date wise and category wise for record purposes. This also ensures that the management is receptive and everything is transparent.

● Tracking Birthdays of all Registered Users

Though this might not be an important feature, it is essential to promote a feeling of happiness and joy among the school fraternity. Furthermore, this function will automatically send birthday greetings to all the registered users on their birthdays with a greeting animation on the web when they log in, thereby not depriving anyone of physical wishes and celebrations. Establishes a good emotional connect & bonding with the entire community.

● Video Resume

For a hassle-free and easy recruitment of the candidates, the software makes video resumes for prospective employers during their campus visits. This novel feature will help in making the recruitment process faster and more convenient and save a lot of time and select the right skillset.

These are some of the software’s interactive benefits, making it the best college management software in India.

In a time when everything is subjected to digitalization, education has also taken a major step up. The school or college management softwares have become the key to efficiently managing all the schools’ operations in just a few clicks. Choosing Clobas will give you the edge over your contemporaries as it will single-handedly take care of all the management and operations.

Are you looking for the best college management software in India? Let Clobas be your one-stop Solution for holistic academic operations management. We are a cloud-based portal, serving as an online medium of connecting managements, tutors, students, and parents of educational institutes throughout India. Thanks to its versatility, it is one of the best e-governance solutions for universities. Our clients can customize the platform, catering to their individual requirements, thus empowering the educational sectors digitally as there will be increased productivity, improved communication, and knowledge enrichment. We have developed this platform after thorough market research; thus, it will efficiently address all the issues a university or college faces. Get in touch with us at +91-9841037205 or email us at or


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