Clobas Standard Package Modules For University

CLOBAS standard package consists of 32 must-have modules that will help institutions to automate their functions and have an overall control mechanism to track and monitor the day-to-day activities of an institution. This includes mobile app for all stakeholders like management, teacher and parents and available on both Android and IOS.

University Information Management System

Implementation Model

Key Features

Best E-Governance Solution for University
  • First step towards paper less University that leads to cost saving and eco-friendly campus as part of Digital India and Go Green Initiative.
  • From Admission process to Alumni access through digital initiative.
  • Implementing a collaborative campus portal (Clobas®) at institution/affiliated centre level.
  • Linking all institutes/departments across the university.
  • Role based, Authority based, Area Based and Dept Based access.
  • Mobile App for Students, Staffs and Administrators
  • Instant multimedia communication channels among all stakeholders
  • 24/7 portal availability – providing convenient access to all its users.
  • Instant report and data availability for quick decision making.
  • Administrative modules like Intake Management, Fee collection, Expense Management, Asset Tracking, Budgeting, Grievance Redressal and many more.
  • Academy modules like Attendance, Examination, Results, Time Table Integration, Lesson Plan Tracking and Internships etc
  • Communication Modules like e-Circulars, Digital notice board, Flash News, Events Calendar, Birthday Greetings, Motivational Quotes, Photo and Video gallery.
  • Learning Management Modules like Lecture Notes, Video Courses, Discussion Forum, Online Test, e-Assignments, Q&A, Feedback Survey and so on.
  • Productivity Tools like Campus Placement, Resume Builder, Online Payment and NAAC Reports
  • HR Modules like Staff Recruitment, Staff Leave Management, Payroll with payslip, 360 Degree Appraisal, Journals and Publication, Research Activities etc.

For University Admin

Best E-Governance Solution for University
  • Generation of Time Tables
  • Creation of Lesson Plan
  • Feedback Management
  • Online Library & Resource Management System
  • Communication Management System
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Staff and Student Profile Management
  • Content Management
  • Reporting Module
  • Teacher Performance Reports
  • Result Analysis Reports
  • Attendance Analysis Reports
  • Administrative Reports (Miscellaneous)
  • Asset Management
  • Academic Management

For HQ/Centre/Zone

Best E-Governance Solution for Colleges in India
  • Online Campus Directory
  • E-Blogs
  • Maintaining own profile online
  • Instant communications via web, eMail and SMS.
  • Results Publications
  • Attendance Postings
  • Lecture Notes Uploading
  • Various Analysis Reports
  • Posting Assignments
  • Participating in Q & A and Surveys
  • Virtual Folder for document storage and reference
  • Posting feedback about the student
  • Registering student co-curricular activities
  • Online Library & Resource Booking
  • E-Forms

For Students

Best E-Governance Solution for Colleges in India
  • View communications from University Authorities
  • Check Fee, Attendance & Results details
  • View and Download Learning Materials
  • Virtual Folder & Downloads
  • E-resource, E-Classifieds and E-blogs
  • Q&A, My Time Table, Campus Survey
  • Webinar, Campus Tube and Photo Gallery
  • 24/7 Redressal System

For Corporates

Best E-Governance Solution for University in India
  • Corporate companies can check the performance of the students remotely ; this facility paves the way for productivity, convenient, time saving as well as cost saving.
  • Student’s performance can be evaluated based on their consistent results, attendance and extra-curricular activities.
  • Companies can also conduct online psychometric test through this portal, if required.
  • Campus interview can be conducted after all these selection processes are over.
  • Hiring companies, Government enterprises and NGO’s can post their vacancies or internship programs for some or all institutions.

High Level Benefits

Best E-Governance Solution for University in India
  • Instant Communication with all its stakeholders
  • Knowledge Enrichment for Tutors and Students
  • Monitoring the performance, profile and infrastructure of each institute
  • Setting up the new standards and maintain it uniformly
  • Fostering Transparency among institutions/Department
  • Powerful Report Generator and Search Engine
  • Huge cost savings due to paper less activities (Go Green Initiative)
  • Productivity improvement due to convenient access to the portal
  • Easily Administered and Controlled from Head Office
  • 24/7 availability