What the Best School Management Software Can Do?

What the Best School Management Software Can Do

Schools are moving towards better management system – school management software, also known as ERP system. In this digital age, it is hard to ignore technology. Especially, when every other school and education institutes around the world are now using school management system. If schools like yours want to stay competent and current, you need the best school management software in India. Such as, CLOBAS.

ERP system like CLOBAS can make your school management easier than ever before. Not just that, it can save you time, cost and help you become a better organization. Customized solution can meet your specific needs.

For Better Management &Productivity

The purpose for finding the best school management software is to get improved productivity and efficiency. It uses technology that people are already using, to create an efficient management system. Schools can use this platform to manage all their tasks in one place. Schools and all types of education institutes are now using software like CLOBAS to effectively track, monitor and control all campus activities from admission to alumni.

The best school management software in India can help you achieve increased productivity. Meaning, it can help you get more work done in less time with greater accuracy. Compared to manually handling tasks with paperwork, using a cloud-based technology is more efficient.

Schools in India are now switching to cloud-based platforms like CLOBAS.

Why Schools Need the Best School Management Software

The best school management software in India like CLOBAS can help you in many ways. It comes with some excellent features designed by academic and domain experts and you can customize them to suit your specific needs. CLOBAS is designed to help manage every aspect of school management. From daily tasks to financial management to events, schools can easily manage everything in one place.

Here is how CLOBAS can help you with your school management needs:

1. Improved Efficiency

CLOBAS combines technology and tasks management in one. In fact, it can automate many tasks to free-up time. By digitizing tasks like administration and student management, school management software reduces downtime and increases efficiency. It helps improved work flow by helping the school authorities to manage all the tasks like fee collection, admission, etc. seamlessly without much hassles. It can also help manage personnel like staff members, HODs, teachers, workers and more. Plus, advanced features can help people to find the required support they need to perform their tasks.

2. Easy data accessibility

Schools have tons of data to store, manage and update. By no means, this is an easy task, especially, when you have to manually do it. But, with a cloud-based platform, schools can manage data and information in place. The best school management software in India will have a robust interface. The interface makes it easier to store and access data without any difficulty. And, everyone can access information without any hitch. For instance, schools can access information related to all students, a 360 degree view of all aspects. And, students can access their profile to check for information like fee, attendance and other things. The school management can decide what information to share and withhold.

3. Track and Generate Reports

Schools need to keep track of so many things like fee collection and student performance. And, they need to create all types of reports, such as student performance, financial reports and others. Thanks to school management system like CLOBAS, this task can be easily managed where everything is captured in a single sheet deep drill down innovative dash board report. Reports can be generated based on critical parameters which need daily monitoring. For instance, schools can use CLOBAS to keep track of things with reports on student’s performance, staff leave, salary payroll, pay slip, employee attendance, timetable, and finance reports. You can imagine how much time you can save.

4. Effective Finance Management

The best school management system can also help financial management. Schools need to manage a huge amount of financial information. For example, you can use CLOBAS to generate Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports, Income & Expenditure Statement, Fee collection and more. This way, schools can easily manage their finances with greater efficiency and accuracy. Plus, it will save time as well cost of all the paperwork. Say good bye to paper and turn smart paperless, go green campus.

5. Student Management System

Schools have to manage a wide range of data and information. A majority of them is about students. Their admission, personal information, info about their courses, time tables and more. Everything can be stored and managed from one place. Students can also access information related to their course and homework, from the comfort of their homes. It can also help keep everyone in look – students, parents and teachers. More importantly as per the latest NEP 2020 Policy guidelines schools need to have a holistic approach and be able to track the talents and skills of their students for over all development in sports, games and art, culture where CLOBAS mobile app greatly helps to keep talents updated.

6. Student Data Safety & Security

The safety of student data is essential because they are the center of sensitive information. Hacking the data of students not only harms school data but also the personal information of students also. The personal information might be their home address also. Why is system security important to your school?

By installing a high-quality security system around your school, parents can rest in the knowledge that their children are safe at all times. Students can become distracted easily at school. But if they feel secure and safe in their learning environments, they are more likely to focus on their studies. By keeping all of the same data in one place, data management systems help schools keep more consistent records. Any computers teachers use for accessing student information should be lockable with a password. Programs that allow access to this information should be encrypted for access in some way, so two levels of authentication for entry would be a good idea. CLOBAS ensures high level of data safety and security by hosting on premium servers at multiple locations and ensures 99.95% uptime and business continuity.

7. Knowledge Centric Platform beyond an ERP

Clobas travels the extra mile to provide a multi media digital knowledge centric platform to cover on wide topics besides the academic portion as a great value added service instead of a mere school ERP. It is truly an empowering and knowledge enrichment tool.

The Bottom Line

The best school management software in India can help manage all the tasks easily and without any hassle. Technology can make school management easier and better. It can increase productivity, efficiency, reduce cost, and downtime and do so much more.

CLOBAS is a school management system that offers a wide range of features and functionalities. It is designed to make tasks management easy and effortless. It is also available as a mobile app.



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