Why use ERP Software for the Admission Process

How does college management software help in online admissions

Every year, a new crowd of students is expected in a college, school, or university. With the manual handling of the admission process, it takes so much time to process the inquiry, handle data, and more. There is no traceability and no guarantee of the results being accurate.

The entire process can be automated with an online admission management system, and handling becomes much easier. It’s been proven to be a blessing for the institutes that wanted to streamline admission-related tasks and make it much faster.

This blog highlights how the best school/college management software helps and brings more efficiency to institutions.

What is an Online Admission Management System?

The main aim of any educational organization is to have the maximum number of students intake, year after year. It can only be made possible with the online admission management system which covers the entire process workflow almost like a CRM. It’s an advanced tool that brings your admission processes online and makes it more streamlined. The online link can be posted on all social media to attract students and have global reach.! Besides, saves a lot of data entry time for the institute admin staff and improves operational efficiency.

Students can apply for the course of their choice and submit their queries and the necessary documents online while paying the fee on time. The software keeps track of when a student applies, processes the application, for the various stages like, how many enrolled, how many took the test, how many attended interviews, how many got short listed/selected, confirmed admission and how many paid fees, either partially or fully and system intimates the results of each stage to every student the status of their application and this allows management to access all the details as and when needed easily.

Other features of the ERP software include administration, handling communication, accounts, and more. With a simplified and effective admission process, schools/colleges are sure to flourish.

 Admission Management System offers a helping hand

1. The convenience of Applicants

The top school/college management software consists of several admission modules. The main advantage is that applicants can submit their application forms conveniently. Additionally, the problem with messy handwriting and standing in long queues can be avoided.

2. Minimum Paperwork

Paperwork during the admission process is a huge task. Using the student management software for online admission will make this work easier. First, the problem of running out of paper application forms is eliminated.

Next, many schools/colleges have multiple campuses at different locations. An online admission system helps streamline all the processes of all campuses. So clearly, the ease and convenience of taking admissions digitally is transformative!

3. Advantage to schools/colleges

Schools/colleges have a significant advantage in the online admission process, which includes-

  • Easy access to student records and databases.
  • Streamlined application processing.
  • Cost savings on application processing.
  • Efficient data filtering capabilities.
  • Reduced need for additional staffing.

4. Increases Accuracy and efficiency

In the traditional paper-based admission process, schools and universities receive thousands of applications annually during admission time. Manually handling all this data is daunting, and there is a probable chance of error, which affects the data’s accuracy and efficiency.

During the admission process, the assigned team has to manage phone calls when the parents have concerns about the admission status. So, how does the best ERP software help? It handles this by sending timely updates online, about the admission process.

5. Portals for students and counsellors

Integrating the best school/college ERP system allows you to streamline the interactions between counsellors and students. They can assist students with the entire process and make their academic journey easy. With the software’s user-friendly interface, there are higher chances for the students to complete the admission process on time.

Here is how it works-

  • Students can fill the form at their own pace and convenience.
  • Select the appropriate course
  • Pay the course application fee
  • Schedule the screening and interviews
  • Easy engagement with the counsellors

6. Centralized document management

Outdated admissions processes involve collecting and storing large amounts of documents, such as academic transcripts and IDs. An efficient ERP software centralizes document management in which students upload these documents directly to the platform. It further eliminates confusion and loss of documents, simplifying the verification process for employees.

7.  Customizable Workflows

The student management software is highly customizable to suit the specific workflow requirements of each academic institution. The software is designed to accommodate different admission criteria, application forms, and documents as required by the school/college. This flexibility ensures that the software aligns with every institution’s admissions process rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

The bottom line

In recent years, the education system has witnessed a massive shift in the admission process. The traditional culture of waiting in queues for admission is now replaced with online admissions. Clobas aims to digitize the admission process for institutions that want to stay ahead of the ordinary. If you are ready to streamline the student admission process with best college/school management software, call us to schedule a free demo!


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